This Star’s Light


Vincent van Gogh, “Starry Night Over the Rhone,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Birthed with a bang, the fiery star glimmers and sings, diffusing light.

Pushed by cosmic winds, she shimmers round planetary rings, fusing light


with sound—cosmic energy unbound. There’s no refusing light,

in the night, reaching here in twinkling echoes—just so—cruising light


for travelers on land and sea. They cherish keen perusing light

to read a map or talk at night—that gleam seen, call it, schmoozing light


for tall tales. And for lovers’ wild embraces, it’s never bruising light

illuminating what can, might, or will be—so always and ever choosing light


instead of darkness, hope instead of fear. I laugh at this amusing light

that drifts from space. Merril-ly, I watch it, inspired, yes, it’s musing light.


I wrote this ghazal for something that didn’t work out (for me), but I saw the stars early this morning, and thought of it. I’m angry every time I read or hear the news. The horror inhabiting the White House, the people who enable and support his policy of hate and fake news–and the silencing of those who try to tell the truth–all this awfulness and people going blindly along with it just gets so overwhelming.  So this. Stars and choosing light.  I’m linking this to dVerse’s Open Link Night (the next morning edition.) 🙂


64 thoughts on “This Star’s Light

  1. There are so many awful dictators, puppets, self-styled guides and populist demagogues around that Trump ceases to surprise me at all. He blends in with the background. What is scary is that he is an elected leader and has millions of voters right with him. It’s the neighbours and compatriots we need to worry about because they’re the ones who bring these evil cretins to power.

  2. Merril-y – that is lovely! So many kinds of light – moonlight, sunlight, starlight, even light bulb moments! May the light be ever present in the darkness – it’s pretty grim here too. Light is might –

  3. I was very inspired to be happy this morning by your beautiful uplifting poetic musings, Merril. I do think it is saddening, maddening to have to live with the regime we are under. I also agree with Jane, we must live with the blind (dare I say ignorant?) followers. . . Happy Friday!

  4. Merril-y indeed! It’s stars and light, birthed with a bang, and it feels, for a little, like the universe just stopped to let me watch it sparkle. It’s a beautiful poem, Merril!

  5. And Merril-y, Merril-y we go! Lovely poem and that’s one of my favorite paintings. And stargazing is one of our favorite pastimes (when we’re in a place where we can see the stars ;)). And I am with you on the news. I feel I must remind everyone that Clinton won the popular vote but because of this technicality they call the Electoral College, Trump “won” the presidency. People need to be earnest in voting, not complacent, so that the Electoral College and the popular vote line up … although the Electoral College is supposed to be a check on the popular vote. No, propertied white men in power have never really trusted the average citizen, but it’s only been recently that anyone noticed the slant of the Electoral College. So here we are. What worries me most is not Trump’s so-called base, but the coterie of conservative influencers who support and inform his cruel policies: Stephen Miller, John Bolton, Steve Bannon, Mike Pence … even if they are not in the White House, they still have influence. Dragging our country back from the abyss won’t be easy or pretty but we must do it.

    • Thank you very much, Marie. I’m glad you liked the poem and the painting–a favorite of mine, as well.
      I agree that the gang of influencers are awful and concerning, but I’m more angered by people like McConnell–and all the GOP in Congress who are voting to support the horrible policies. They definitely need to be dragged away and buried where they can’t hurt anyone any more.

  6. Light follows dark
    Follows light follows
    Dark follows. None of this
    Is new. Populism follows
    Economic downturns
    At about the same
    Things start turning up again.
    No complacency, but turning
    On the lights show the
    Stark corners and straw
    Foundations. So don’t worry,
    Kindness wins, but only because
    It doesn’t have to.

    Wonderful write Merril 💜

  7. What a lovely ghazal, Merril! (had to look up the word as I had not heard from it before) These are beautifully written wordplays with gerund -ing + light (diffusing/ fusing light, etc). Merril, Your verses are very lyrical. I see you are another American poet from the USA, who is greatly disappointed with all that is going on. I am a Catalan and fully share the dissatisfaction and frustration. This is my historical chronicle of some world events of 2017:

  8. Thank you for choosing the stars and the light. I was just writing a post about my own anger (taking a break from it for a while), but mine is not as beautifully written. 🙂

  9. I’m with you Merrill, and I am stunned at our state of collective being when we don’t have compassion for refugees fleeing war and gang violence. The caravan. I pray daily for the people’s wellbeing and they get to sleep out under the stars and know this light and hope that few of us really and urgently do. I know this comment is a bit tangential to your ghazal, but let these poems be as stars–

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