Vultures at Red Bank Battlefield, October 2018


kettle of vultures,

feathered wings circle blue skies—

life following death


I was walking in the park and watching this group of vultures circling. They flew right over my head.

I’m adding this to the comments in the Vita Brevis Comment-a-Haiku competition. You can still add yours, too.

26 thoughts on “Circling

  1. A new word for me, Merril – “Kettle” of vultures. We’ve seen quite a few kettles in recent weeks. Recently we also saw a “committee” of vultures gathered around a deer carcass. Life following death, as you point out.

    • Hi Carol. Thank you. We have lots of vultures in the area (a nearby town used to have a yearly festival because so many vultures roosted there), but they do seem to be very active right now. I had heard of committee of vultures before, but I read that kettle describes them in flight. The wonders of Google. 😉

  2. I see vultures a lot around my neighborhood and where I work. We have enough wildlife and wooded areas that the vultures stay active. I think they are ugly as sin but one of my coworkers says the vulture is her favorite bird and she thinks they are beautiful. So now, whenever I see a vulture, I think of Alyssa 🙂 And I defer to her opinion since she volunteers at a wildlife rescue operation and works with all kinds of birds. And I love your haiku and, yes, the great last line. Vultures have a purpose in this world; they are part of the circle of life.

    • Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment, Marie. I think vultures–especially turkey vultures–are ugly when you see them up close, but I do enjoy watching them fly. And when there are dead creatures around, it’s quite convenient that they swoop in. There is a certain beauty in that, I suppose.

  3. Kettle of vultures! That’s a new one to me, but it feels rather apt. A kettle boils water to steam, changing one thing to another. Vultures do that too, as part of the grand cycle of life!

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