Early Morning Moon

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Morning Moon



and the moon rises


without hesitation,

owl and deer greet her


without trepidation,

knowing she guides them


through the shadowed night

with her glimmered, silvered light.


And in the early morning

I see her lowering in the skyβ€”


then she softly sighs goodbye.



A quadrille for dVerse. Kim asked us to use the word early.

I’m up early in the morning, and I love it when I see the moon then.



47 thoughts on “Early Morning Moon

  1. I’m usually up when the moon’s up in the early morning – generally that means I haven’t slept! Love the owl and deer greeting the moon at morning and evening.

  2. Oh yes, she’s an old friend, that early morning moon. Merril! I like the way she rises without hesitation and guides animals ‘through the shadowed night’ and in the morning ‘softly sighs goodbye’. She’s been amazing this past week.

  3. I liked the moon sighing as you have told us the strs sing. Lovely ways for me to contemplate a living sky above me. I saw last night’s moon rise at 7:00 pm and saw it going down to set around 7:45 am. I got the golden Harvest Moon but the morning moon was just a pale shadow upon the pastel skies today. πŸ™‚

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