Sheltered in Branches

Oak tree ringed

now with red-gold leaves

all around,

still they fall,

but the tree recalls the spring

when buds bloom anew—


and laughter

rises once again

as children

climb and play–

and ghosts perch there with the birds

sheltered through seasons



Frederic Edwin Church, “The Charter Oak at Hartford,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I feel like trees are trying to tell me something lately: the Theresienstadt Tree, the Tree of Life synagogue, and the big, old oak tree in my yard.

I’m posting this for Open Link night at dVerse, even though it’s Open Link morning for me.  🙂











41 thoughts on “Sheltered in Branches

  1. I believe there is peace in trees, their rustling leaves, welcoming birds and holding children perched high to see beyond their yard. . . The tree “ghosts” are of so many dimensions beyond our imagination, Merril. 🌿🌲🌱🌳🌵🌴

  2. Your poem, like the tree, has a golden glow, Merril. Oak trees are so solid, comforting and reliable. I love that ‘the tree recalls the spring’ and ‘ghosts perch there with the birds’.

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