Wishes and Dreams


I scan the sky for morning light.


gaze out to see a falling star

blazing brightly


there between the dawn

and indigo night.

I make a wish.



November sunlight

peeking through the falling leaves—

lights an open book


I was inspired by Janice to write a cherita haibun. I’m not quite sure if this works. This is for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge using synonyms for pleasant and read.






27 thoughts on “Wishes and Dreams

  1. I was watching Hallmark and there are films about heartfelt wishes. . . Fell asleep dreaming sweet dreams.
    Then, I read your perfect poem of the night sky greeting the day; with “a falling star blazing brightly,” Merril. It was beautiful about the color of indigo night line and making a wish. It was like a confirmation of the Hope I believe in! 🌠

  2. I like this very much Merril…the way you capture the early moments between dark and light…and the idea of opening the curtains and witnessing a falling star 🙂

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