Count the place settings,

fifteen gather for dinner

on Thanksgiving night,

ghosts sit amongst us—hear them?

They are welcome, too.


Franz Marc, “Deer,” {Public Domain], Wikipedia Commons


This is an untraditional tanka for Frank’s Haikai challenge, using the prompt Thanksgiving, and Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge using synonyms for celebrate and number. I’ve been busy with work and Thanksgiving prep, and I’m behind on reading posts. I’ll catch-up over the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday, and happy Thursday to everyone else.











41 thoughts on “Gatherings

  1. We will have five for our gathering, 2 brothers, my Mom and youngest daughter, Felicia. Turkey is in oven, giblets and neckbone ready with natural juices to add to the gravy. Now, boil cranberries! Love you, Merril. Blessings to you and yours. 💗

      • Oh, sounds lovely, Merril! Rich took off to run the Turkey Trot 🦃 in his home town (10k = 6.2 miles). I await on Randy and Felicia who has longer drive. I’m eating apple pie with pecans streusel topping for breakfast! Dogs had a little turkey cooked giblets. 🤗

      • Sounds like a great breakfast! 🙂 Daughter and daughter-in-law in Boston were going to do the walk/run with daughter-in-law’s family. It was very cold. I’m not sure if they did or not. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. As always, your contemplation amidst the celebration always hits at the right spot. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a meal of 14, but the ghosts were around, as well they should have been. xo

  3. Please tell me you didn’t host 15 actual eaters on Thanksgiving! Because if you did I would have to kneel down at your feet. We were four (gardener, me, daughter, and the bf) and that was pretty good, although maybe son and DIL and my mom could have rounded it out. That would be 7 and my limit.

    • You’re so funny, Luanne. Yes, there were 15 of us. My brother’s friend and her son came, but older daughter and her wife did not (they alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas with in-laws). So we might have had 17. I’ll probably have a photo on Monday. 🙂

  4. Ah, the feast of memories. Those ghosts I think enjoy hearing the same as well as the new jokes. Sometimes I like to make place cards… So the last couple of times our families got together at our son’s in-laws the grands made place cards. I was going to keep mine, but I forgot. When some of the letters are reversed… it’s so cute. The grands also got some craft kits to help decorate the table. 🙂

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