I’m sick, my face is broken-out, and my slender body swells large over a period of nine months. Outside snowflakes fall, but I am cocooned inside where there is no time or seasons. Days of labor, and she finally appears, tiny and bald—the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We’ve waited nearly ten years to have her. Three years later, we’re back at the same hospital, again in the February cold, again the wait to be surprised, to be exhausted and overjoyed. Now we have two daughters. Some things are worth waiting for.

robin trills in hope–

beauty rises from the snow

snowdrop sprouts and blooms


This Haibun is for the dVerse Haibun Monday prompt. Imelda is guest-hosting. She has asked us to write about waiting.







35 thoughts on “Waiting–Haibun

  1. “Exhausted and overjoyed” is a very accurate description of giving birth!! And the first time, it sure WAS a surprise, as I thought all that Lamaze stuff would make it easy. Ha. Indeed worth it, though – both the Lamaze and the pain.
    This is so heart-warmingly beautiful.

    • Thank you very much! That’s funny. Of course, I didn’t know what to expect either. Both of my labors were long, but different. We didn’t know ahead of time in either case that we were having a girl, so that was a surprise both times. 🙂

  2. i connect with you Merril! somethings are so worth waiting for even when they arrive bald and bawling! such a precious memory you have shared, the robin in your haiku amplifies the joy and new hope so so very well

  3. Finally, I got here. Sorry for the tardiness.
    Your haibun reminded me of a ralative who endured months of bed rest because of her delicate pregnancy. I was still young then so I do not remember the details now but I remember that the womenfolk (we lived in a small village where everybody was related to each other somehow, and we loved to ‘exchange news about people 😉 ) was incredulous that our relative not only had to spend her days in bed but also had to keep her legs raised so the baby would be safe in her womb. It was a pretty extreme pregnancy but she and her husband had been waiting for a baby for so long that to her, perhaps, the inconvenience and discomfort was worth it. The happy day came.
    A baby boy was born and everybody rejoiced in his arrival.

    Truly, some things are worth waiting for.

    I like the haiku as well. It is as happy as spring could be.

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