Sheep, Perchance to Dream

How to explain the surrealism of my dreams—

the talking sheep—


she holds a menu

and politely requests seasoned breads.


I’m not confused that she can talk, read

or walk upright—


I only regret

that the bread is unavailable,


and that the menu should say seasonal

instead of seasoned.


I wake laughing,

but later ponder,


who knows what talents a sheep has

or what desires?


We see the flock, the crowd,

not the individual


yearning for something better,

until they take a stand.


Franz Marc, “Sheep,” [Public Domain] via Wikipedia Commons

This is a late offering for dVerse Open Link night, where Mish has asked us to post one poem on snow or anything else. I went for something else. I’m still catching up with reading others’ posts. I’ll try to catch up before latkes and wine on Sunday!  🙂



34 thoughts on “Sheep, Perchance to Dream

  1. I like your perspective here, and your wit Merril. I was never able to be a very good sheep, often to my detriment. The sheep that strays from the safety of the flock gets eaten by the wolf. I just grew up not smart enough to fear the wolf. Then I began to want to be the wolf. That restaurant needs a proofreader… 😉

    • Thanks so much, Rob. Yes, there are wise reasons to flock together. I do fear the wolf, but I’m not sure if I’m a sheep. I suppose it depends on the situation. You’re right about the restaurant. 🙂 It was a funny dream.

  2. Talking sheep, that is reasonable, seasonal bread is funny. A great poem. You really do have weird dreams…😂😊 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

    • Thank you, Hélène. I do have weird dreams–they make me laugh! I guess the seasonal because of this time of year? (I do a lot recipe reading and baking.) The sheep seemed kind of like a Muppet–so totally real. 🙂

      • Interesting what we dream, it is always carried from our daily life’s activities. Sweet dreams.

  3. This really made me chuckle, in fact I think I am still chuckling. At first I thought you were just slurring your speech. (To Shleep to Shleep, perchaps tchu dreamsh?). But it was even better that it was a sheep drea, Like a muppet… was it lamb Chops maybe (this is the dream that never ends… and it goes on and on my friends… gaaaa! now that would be nightmare).
    I love the shear fun of this. 😉

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