Ask, The Answer is Blue Beauty


Franz Marc, The Tower of Blue Horses,” [Public Domain] Wikepedia Commons

They ask,

and we arm.


There, see the blood spraying,

our heaves and screams?


But my ache—

I dream blue beauty


showing light and life

after all—


a why pictured

to shadowed if


Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 7.56.34 AM

Poignant words from the Oracle, who apparently is a Franz Marc fan–

or perhaps Martian sunsets.

16 thoughts on “Ask, The Answer is Blue Beauty

  1. Might as well post the same comment as to Jane’s …

    Love the blue. Busy working on a painting and – ‘I’ve got to work with blue’ – to dispel the delusions and negativity (in my case).
    … meant to add: posted in direct response to your and Merril’s poems.

    Wonder if Trump and his plans have anything to do with what you guys came up with?

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