River Walk

I walk the water path

then climb the concrete stairs


to stroll past statues and monuments,

where apple trees once grew,


the sturdy plantation house stands on the bluff,

but it’s the river that calls


the battle-dead whisper

unseen, but fitful, sighing,


the flying hawk shadows me

while geese bask


at high-tide

the waves crash


and they fly

circling the water,


the river,



Delaware River, Red Bank Battlefield

For dVerse, Amaya has asked us to include a secret ingredient. I’m not sure if this works for the prompt, but this is what the muse gave me in between dreams last night, so I’m going with it.




54 thoughts on “River Walk

  1. The Oracle was definitely whispering to you—that opening is 100% fridge magnets 🙂 It has a dreamlike quality, especially the hawk shadowing you while the geese back. It’s all so silent until the waves crash…

    • Yes, thank you, that’s a good reminder. It’s a park set on the river, but there’s the historic house and it was the site of a Revolutionary War battle. I like to walk there when it’s not very crowded. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Marian. I’m glad you liked the blend of visual and aural.
      This was more of a poem I thought of in-between dreams, rather than a dream , though you know I have written about some strange ones. 🙂 My husband doesn’t remember his either!

  2. Well…..there’s certainly secrets that the wind carries….and the geese and the hawk could tell many a story as well. Perhaps what they’ve seen, what they harbor, are the secret ingredients?
    Loved the imagery here.

  3. ¨But it´s the river that calls¨ … I don´t know why but that one line resonates for me. Maybe because I grew up near a river, one that was ever present as it meandered or meanders through farm country. It took lives — a cousin and two of his friends in a canoeing accident — so the idea of ït´s the river that calls is so eerily evocative for me. Aside from my musings, a lovely poem.

    • Thank you, Marie, but I’m sorry this brought back painful memories. I can definitely understand that type of calling. I imagine that some people around here never even think of us being so close to a river (the Delaware), while others do take out boats and kayaks. I remember hearing sirens and helicopters one night when a girl (I think) drowned there.

    • Thank you for your lovely observations!
      When this house was built, they were more in tune with nature and the river– they had shad fisheries, too, as well as orchards and other crops. Although, of course, they were also trying “to tame” the wilderness.

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