The Beautiful Seen

“For beautiful to happen the beautiful has got to be seen.”

Adam Gwon, “Beautiful” from Ordinary Days

I watch the ripples in the sand,

let the grains flow from my hand,

see them slide into a shimmering sea

to wash ashore on another land.


I look at the blades of grass

through them robin hops to pass

then calls to me from a nearby branch–

the sky above, a clear blue glass.


The beauty that has to be seen,

blue of sea and sky, and grass so green,

the beauty of the ordinary, looked at again–

remembered sights–or what might have been.



Gina at dVerse has asked us to write a poem about ordinary things. I thought back to something I wrote a while ago about ripples in sand and the scientific discoveries of Hertha Marks Ayrton, which gave me the opening. But “ordinary things” made me think of the musical Ordinary Days. My younger daughter was in it when she was a senior in college, and I got to hear her sing, “I’ll Be Here”–and tried not to sob and embarrass her. The quotation comes from the last song in the show.





26 thoughts on “The Beautiful Seen

  1. Aww this is such a lovely and lyrical look at the little details of the world that many of us probably do not think twice about. You’ve definitely captured the extraordinary in the ordinary 🙂

  2. it was so lovely to read that your daughter was in a play and you got to hear her sing, a moment that I am sure is engraved in your heart forever. that would surely have been a moment of ordinary magic too! love your poem of the fine things in life you have picked to show the magic they lend to our lives. the grains of sand, the shimmering sea, the sky like glass, each detail you give loving attention, that was magical to me, And the quote fits the prompt beautifully, beautiful has to be seen, opening our hearts and our eyes to the beauty around us, acknowledging it’s presence, your poem is exactly that. thank you for participating Merril!!

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