Friday, 2 AM

 Friday, 2 AM

A sound awakens me–

the cat vomiting—


I wipe it up from the floor

return to my warm bed


cat cuddles against me,

his purrs


a calming motor

till they stop—


he’s asleep–

I’m not.


I listen to the night sounds

through winter-fastened windows—


no summer sound of mockingbird

singing through the night,


only the buzz of a distant highway

and planes carrying people far away.


But I’m content to be here–

my husband turns in his sleep—


my cat softly snores,

I close my eyes and dream.

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43 thoughts on “Friday, 2 AM

  1. Nothing like the sound of a cat puking to get you up and out of bed fast!
    My lovely dog decided he really, REALLY needed to go out at 4 am… He promptly rolled up onto his bed and started snoring right after. I lay there for HOURS…
    Sigh,,, Your poem is lovely though 😉

  2. This is delightful – and comforting to know that when I’m lying awake after an animal interrupt (cat or dog), perhaps I’m just one of many in similar circumstances. Our calico cat fits your description. When she’s purring, we have a bed vibrator …

  3. Wonderful description of a restless winter night Merril. I am occasionally awakened by the blood-curdling SCREAM of our Shih Tzu have a seizure. First time I heard it I thought a muder had been committed in the hall. Such a HUGE sound from such a small dog. Found out it’s not uncommon for the breed. I think it’s your husband’s turn to clean up the next hairball. 😉

  4. Oh Merril, I know this scenario so well! As I type this, my little cat, Mojo, is walking across my desk. She always sleeps on my hip and I get stuck in that position so as not to disturb her. But it’s worth it for the purr and gentle snore!

  5. I hope your cat is feeling better. Love the night sounds during winter season but looking forward to: summer sound of mockingbird
    singing through the night.

    Enjoy your holidays!!!

  6. such a lovely poem Merril – you are tucked between softness and love, i would lie awake just breathing in all the blessings, wishing you a very lovely new year!

  7. The contentment coming through was a surprise. This starts at what one would think to be a scree against the circumstances of insomnia, but the contentment surprised and humbled me. Nice choice, not to be always tumbled by circumstance. Mindful and sweet.

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