Magic is Coming

Monday Morning Musings:

The week has been busy with chores and long with anticipation. The solstice has come and gone. Full moon and winter sun are concealed behind the clouds—but they are there.

winter moon hidden,

she hums of spring a-coming

dreams bloom like flowers

Almost Full, Almost Solstice

A tsunami crashes upon a beach. Seething like volcanoes, protestors erupt, striking and burning. Children starve. Our government shuts down. Our leader is not one, and he grows increasingly erratic. When will his enablers realize he is a wannabe emperor? When will they finally realize he has no clothes? I look for the helpers. I need to be a helper. I look for the light.

long winter darkness

broken by dawn’s blushing sighs

dormant dreams awake

Solstice--Merril D. Smith, 2018

Our older daughter and her wife arrive from Boston. Our other daughter comes over to eat Wawa hoagies with us and to decorate cookies. We drink warm spiced wine, and they watch a bad movie they asked me to record. I go upstairs to watch the “In Excelsis Deo” episode of The West Wing, my own holiday tradition. I wrap presents and sing along to “Little Drummer Boy.”  My cat lifts his head, then snoozes.

caroling voices

sing in joyful harmony,

Pa rum pum pum pum


I think about the ghosts of Christmas past–our young girls whispering on Christmas morning waiting for 6 A.M. when they can finally get up. We lie in bed, then hear them sing, “Christmas Time is Here.”  Happy memories. Over the next few days we’ll be seeing family—laughing at jokes and eating and drinking too much. I’ll be enjoying the magic that is now different–but still here.

lights and music now

break December’s silent night–

dreams of magic come


Wishing all of you a most wondrous holiday season! I’m linking this to Frank’s Haikai Challenge with the prompt Christmas.


Santa riding through town in a fire engine.


35 thoughts on “Magic is Coming

  1. On this day, quite the range of thoughts. From the feeling and intrigue of the moon & the winter solstice – to the horrors of the tsunami and Trump – to the joys of family returning for the holidays – the peaceful and gentle nature of a cat’s snoozing purr. Enjoy the holiday time with your family … and a few glasses of wine!

  2. As one akin to your cats’ attitudes, I raise my head to acknowledge a fantastic post here … and sorta wish I’d been alert enough to notice if Santa zipped past the window.
    You’ve added smiles to my far-less-frantic holiday … Thanks!

  3. A “Merril post” as I love them. Some love, some worry, some beauty, lots of love.
    This is why you are my “window no. 24” (and, of course, your blog starts with Y so, I couldn’t insert you sooner!)
    A very Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  4. Happy Christmas! I ‘stalked’ over here from Dale’s advent (which I admit saves me a lot of work in finding fab bogs, like this one … I’m a followin’ ya now!) and I’m happy I did. THOSE COOKIES!
    Puh ruh-puh-pum-pum …

  5. Spirited musings with a tinge of apprehension and who can blame you? Multitude of delicious cookies will sweeten things up, I’m sure😋. I love hearing about your traditions, and glad the cats are enjoying the company; especially Santa’s! Season’s Greetings, dear Merril! 🎄🎁

  6. With the exception of the tsunami and the emperor with no clothes, this is a beautiful post. Warm and magical.
    I have to ask… How are the Wawa hoagies? I have not yet tried one. Having grown up eating some really good hoagies, I wonder about a convenience store’s hoagies, but have heard they are good.
    Happy New Year to you and your family, Merril. 🙂

    • Thank you, Robin. I don’t eat meat, so I can’t comment on that. I don’t think it’s where you’d go for a “real” hoagie. The bread is not like what you’d get at a good Italian place, but there are nice veggie options and spreads. 🙂 Since there are no Wawas in Boston, we usually get them while older daughter is here.

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