Two Stories in Twist in Time Magazine

I’m pleased and excited to have two pieces in the first issue of Twist in Time Magazine!

Flash Fiction, Shapes in the Mist

Creative Nonfiction, Hercules Takes a Walk. This one is about George Washington’s cook.

Thanks so much to editors Renee Firer, Adrienne Firer, and Tianna Hansen for giving these stories a home!


29 thoughts on “Two Stories in Twist in Time Magazine

  1. Congratulations, Merril.
    Though I’ve left comments on both wonderful stories, I just wanted to say here that it is wonderful to see another side to your writing. I love your poetry and this short stories are another wonderful facet of your writing.
    Both so different and both so good.

  2. I read both stories, and they are both fab. I particularly enjoyed “Hercules Takes A Walk”. It’s an utter hypocrisy that many founding fathers had slaves, and that women were not considered.

  3. I wrote on the post where the stories are shown, but not sure they made it in. I love both of your stories ….AND… they are each so different. I know you more as a poet, and now I realize that you are also an amazing short story writer. Kudos.

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