Contributors Wanted for Reference Book on Sexual Harassment

Contributors Wanted

I still need contributors for this book. Authors do not have to be academics, however, the essay should be well-written and appropriate for a reference book. The book is focused on the US, but I would consider comparisons between the US and other places. I would love to have include essays from people of all genders or those who are gender-fluid, all races, and sexual orientation. As well as experiences of sexual harassment, essays can be by people who work with sexual harassment programs–such as in HR situations or academic settings. Essays can also be by activists who are working to fight sexual harassment. I would love to have a wide variety of contributors, since this is a reference book that will be read by students and the general public. Please feel free to circulate this information!

Sexual Harassment: A Reference Handbook, by Merril D. Smith. This reference book is part of ABC-CLIO’s Contemporary World Issues Series. The book is aimed at high school and undergraduate students, as well as the general public.  One chapter will include essays by people who have experienced sexual harassment, or who are activists, organizers, etc. The essay should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words, including any references and contributor bio. They should be personal, rather than academic in style, but they still must be appropriate for a reference book and for the target audience (no profanity). Essays can address controversy and/or take a stand or a definite opinion. They should not be recaps of history. Pseudonyms may be used for publication, although legal name is required for the contract. Contributors will receive a small honorarium and e-book access.

Contact me at Please put Sexual Harassment Book in the subject line.


4 thoughts on “Contributors Wanted for Reference Book on Sexual Harassment

  1. Try the site – essays on there are contributed by academics, activists, writers and so on and sexual harassment is nearly a daily topic. I’ll put this on Linkedin too.

  2. Fascinating, Merril. I, and so many women, have stories of contending with sexual harassment, but sounds like you want something a bit more academic. Hope you get the response you need/want!

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