Trusting Love

Monday Morning Musings:

“Neither love nor terror makes one blind: indifference makes one blind.”

–James Baldwin, If Beale Street Could Talk

“If you trusted love this far, don’t panic now.”

–James Baldwin, If Beale Street Could Talk


In January dreariness, we sit in quiet reflection

still sated from treats of weeks before–

sweet confections—we turn in new directions

for the new year, wondering what for,


when the past seems ever with us

old hates reemerge, relished too much by some—

though we hope they’re few—so, we discuss

among our friends, from where does it come–


the evil of the past and then the current day?

Why do people flock to listen to the lies?

Though, true, some try hard to find a way

to shine the light before truth dies


We all value real news.


we watch an Italian film, a fairy tale of sorts

with a man too good, timeless perhaps

as evil recurs, so too, goodness retorts

and yet, while we countdown till the collapse


Pizza Night!

Homemade pizza and wine–perfect to go with an Italian movie.


of the earth and all we love—

I have to have hope

in seeing the sun and moon above

and beauty in the ordinary, the scope


both small and wide, a cat,

the sky, grey clouds parting for sun to set–

and so, we chat, of this and that

of family and life, avoiding the threat—


Happy to see some sunshine from my window after a rainy day.

not ready to face it yet–

so, we stroll through city streets

reminded again that truth doesn’t set

but tries again, and sometimes unseats

Philadelphia Murals

those who try to usurp power

and crush the weak or different-skinned,

but those who wield control from mansion or tower

lose it eventually, to vanish in the wind


like the one we walk in today

blowing clouds past the sun,

and with its light, some shadows play

upon the streets and walls, till done.

Shadows and Light, January in Philadelphia

Shadows and light.

We watch a movie, where love is strong

despite injustice based on racist thought–

centuries old–though it doesn’t belong,

still we’re caught, fraught, some brought


to realize indifference is just as wrong

even while hoping love will find a way

to stay, despite the panic, and headstrong

it can be, still love trumps hate, any day


so, it stays. And we walk and talk

as winter sun lowers in the sky

and in the park, the cry of a hawk

the chatter of squirrels, as we pass by


then down to the train, and so we go–

home to where we’re blanketed and warm

where there is food and lights aglow,

a shelter in life’s storm.


Will love be enough?

We’ll try not to panic now–

there will be rougher stuff

and to time we’ll bow—


and yet

and yet

we’re here together now.



We watched Happy as Lazzaro (on Netflix). Trailer here. It’s a sort of fairy tale, or perhaps an allegory. It’s a beautiful film—one to think about. We also saw If Beale Street Could Talk, based on James Baldwin’s novel. I wasn’t as mesmerized by this as the director’s Moonlight, which simply stunned me, but it was still very good, and all of the actors were excellent. So, Dale–here are two more for you! 😉








41 thoughts on “Trusting Love

  1. Love that last photo 🙂 I wish I believed that love as a concept worked outside the purely personal. I don’t even think there’s so much hate around—more pure egoism. It’s the me me me culture everywhere. People will always smile and be friendly as long as they think it isn’t costing them anything.

    • He was resting on my legs while I was watching TV. 🙂 I think even love as the purely personal is valuable, but I do think there is a lot of hate, as well as indifference around. And I’m often guilty of being indifferent, too. dt and his supporters and right wing people elsewhere in the world are stoking the hate.

      • There’s certainly a lot of indifference, which I suppose comes back to selfishness. As long as I’m all right, bugger the rest. DT and his clones via fake news pander to people’s fears that they are going to be invaded/overwhelmed/their culture destroyed/jobs taken etc etc by a load of people who ‘are not like us’ and it’s the Socialists/Communists/Democrats who are going to let them in. They all have the same message basically. People who believe it as as guilty as the ones putting it about, because they want to believe it. It suits their protective me first instincts.

  2. Ha ha! Merril, you make me laugh! And I almost went to see “If Beale Street Could Talk” but was outvoted and we saw “The Favourite” – zero regrets, many laughs as weird as it was…(I’m going to go see it this week) However, that Netflix one…I just checked and Yay, it is playing in Canada… Woot!

    OK… back to the original programming 😉 Wonderful, as always, your “synopsis of your week” and that pizza looked delish.

    That photo with the building all aglow – wow.

    • Thank you, Dale! And you made me laugh. 🙂 I’ve debated about seeing The Favourite. I know it’s on a lot of best lists, but I so disliked The Lobster. . .we’ll see. We may see Green Book later this week. So many movies, so little time. 🙂

      • Green Book is wonderful, really enjoyed it.
        So, I just watched the trailer for “The Lobster” – ugh. I wouldn’t even want to see it, despite the many good actors in there… “The Favourite” is not that level of stupid comedy… though, I canna lie, it is quirky – just not disagreeably so 😉

      • I’m with you.. have you ever seen “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” by Peter Greenaway? The Favourite made me think of that style – but just a fraction… Not as out there.
        Seriously, the trailer for The Lobster did not pull me in at all whereas The Favourite did immediately.

  3. There’s still time to hope that Love will prevail. At least I’m holding on to that. I find that when I don’t read opinion pieces I don’t panic as much. The facts are hard enough to consume without the analysis that often feeds my deepest fears. I understand that there’s irreparable harm being done, not the least are the deaths of children, the bottomless grief of their families. But I harbor hope that the haters in power now will come to some poetic fate soon. But I should say how your poem encourages that hope in me by, in part, grounding me in a few of the pleasures of life, homemade pizza, movies, and a cat on the lap 😀

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Marie. I’m glad I could help. 😉
      We’re watching The Man in the High Castle (season 1), and something one of the characters said the other night spoke to me. The character was a secret Jew, and he was saying that and he said sooner or later this current regime would topple, and he told another character to keep on creating art because the world needs beauty and to stop was to give in to the bad guys.

  4. The photo of the orange clouds with the trees is just stunning. I am also comforted, as always, by the way you manage to inspire hope through your words. And cats too! (K)

  5. “Why do people flock to listen to the lies?”

    This line made me think of an editorial in our paper (small town, but state capital). Our Republican State Representative pens a monthly opinion piece, usually on the progress of legislation, etc..
    He termed out in the last election – replaced just this past week – and his last column appeared yesterday. In it, he blasts the national Republican party for becoming “dangerously close to a cult – with followers willing to throw aside policies, foreign and domestic, that had defined the party for decades, ignoring reams of outright lies from the leader, and stand quietly aside as basic human decency is tossed away as a fundamental principle of presidential leadership.” I think it’s noteworthy that he made this statement after leaving office (and the tolerance within the party for Trump is turning), but that fact tells you how red this state is (Rep. super-majority & governor). The support, here, for Trump is something else.
    Fortunately, love does trump hate.

  6. I like your upbeat title and your finish: “love does trump hate.” I read a choice line from poet Hamish Henderson recently, ” . . . let us not disfigure ourselves with hatred.”

    Well done!

  7. James Baldwin is one of my favourite Authora and activist. This is a brilliant peice. I shall be adding If Beale Streer Could Talk to my to watch list.

  8. Just lovely, especially at the end, home, to a shelter in life’s storm. We are so behind here in Europe with movies, nothing up for the awards is out yet so we wait, like the weather, to to brighten

    • Thank you, Damien. We’ve seen a few movies that were entered as “foreign films,” but now thinking back, I don’t think any of them were from Europe. We saw an Israeli movie, a Korean movie, and a Mexican–waiting to see the Polish “Cold War” that hasn’t opened here yet. 🙂

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