Grey January Blues

January—the new year begins with day after day of grey skies and rain. I sit in a medical center. The light here is muted, the voices are hushed, except for those on the TV set, which no one is watching. I wait for a fax to arrive so that I can have a test done. Like Godot, the fax never appears. After three hours of waiting, I reschedule the test for another day. I walk outside to find it’s now sleeting. I travel home, only a few miles, but it’s another world, one of warmth and light. The cats greet me. My husband naps in front of the TV.  I defrost some homemade soup for dinner for us and drink a glass of wine. It is dark now, but somehow the world seems brighter.

unrelenting clouds,

sun and moon sheathed in cold grey–

wind sighs lonesome blues

Onion Soup

Warmth for body and soul

This Haibun is for Haibun Monday at dVerse, where Kim asks us to write about January. This was my afternoon yesterday. Thank goodness I had a good book to read. In case anyone was worried, I was simply getting a routine test to check my bone density.



48 thoughts on “Grey January Blues

    • Thank you, Jill. That’s the weather we’re getting now. I’m seeing the sun come up, but the wind is picking up, too, and they say it will be windy for the next three days (and colder)!

  1. Those tests can be long in the waiting. Hope the results are okay.

    I love the warmth of the home and soup, contrasting with the dreary grey sky and rain outside. Indeed a different world inside the home.

  2. I like the colourful play on words in the title, Merril, and the muted light and colour in your haibun. So much grey and some lonesome blues. I smiled at ‘Like Godot, the fax never appears’ and the lovely warm ending to your cold day.

  3. dense is nice – it has a sense of being full. That’s the sense I meant … 3 hours reading while waiting? Joy! And that lovely looking pot of food too – that too looked dense. And dense of course has to do with density – as of colour maybe, bones, Christmas cake … etc

  4. Well, it sounds like a crappy afternoon to me, but at least you have transformed it into art. I like the progression from the coldness and isolation of the clinic with it’s hushed lights and voices to the warmth of home. And that soup looks good.

    Are faxes still a thing? We haven’t used them for years at work – not secure enough…

    • Thank you, Sarah. It did feel like I had wasted my whole day.
      I don’t anyone who uses faxes, but apparently they do for this. I guess a doctor’s office that is part of a larger medical system can just transfer information online, but this is how they do it between two separate medical organizations?

  5. if words could have a taste then yours just did it for me! there is a step by step movement of a life filled with grace from this leaf of your January days. so very beautiful Merill.

  6. Catching up on my inbox… Nothing worse than waiting for a test and then coming home, test not done! My friend went for an operation. They made her wait, having fasted for the operation, for 6 hours before saying, sorry… we have run out of time, we’ll reschedule!
    And is there anything better than soup on a cold winder’s day?

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