By the Riverside–Quadrille for dVerse

I walk by the riverside—

only the steps are steep–

few creatures stir,

do they hide–

perhaps they’re fast asleep.

I wonder what it’d be like

to soar, slither, or leap,

but my shadow and I walk

side by side–

good company, we keep.


Red Bank Battlefield, National Park, NJ


Enough dark and dismal today–keeping it light for quadrille day at dVerse. Mish has asked us to use the word “steep” in some form in our 44-word poems. I wrote most of this in my head while I was walking.


68 thoughts on “By the Riverside–Quadrille for dVerse

      • How far south in NJ are you?
        We are supposed to get another good dump starting tomorrow early evening…
        Sun was blazing today – but cold!

      • Philadelphia airport is on the other side of the river in the photo. We have pretty much the same weather as Philadelphia. It’s sometimes different north and west of the city and closer to the shore.

      • There have been years where we’ve had lots of snow. It all depends. Today we’re supposed to get rain and then snow, but my niece who lives in the Reading area (NW of Philadelphia) will probably have all snow. I’m hoping we don’t get tons of snow in February. . .or March. 🙂

      • I hear ya. We haven’t had half the snow we did last year. And nothing compared to back in the 70’s.
        And did you notice all the major dumps (or most of them) happen in March?
        They are calling for a good storm to start this afternoon…now it’s the finest of flakes that are falling. We shall see…

      • If I remember correctly, last year we had some spring days in February, and then we a very cold, blustery March. Husband and daughters all have Feb. birthdays, so hoping plans work out. Hope you can stay inside and watch the flakes fall–well, unless you want to be out in it. 🙂

      • It has picked up three-fold since I last commented. Now I am chastising my own self for NOT going out to get some groceries yesterday (coz it was sooo cold). I was also supposed to have breakfast with my sister; methinks that’s cancelled! Guess I shall go to the store now before it gets too ugly out there.
        Isn’t it amazing how we forget from one year to the next? The only reason I do remember is thanks to Google’s “Rediscover this day”!

  1. I like the pondering of what it would be like to be another creature…to leap or slither. The image you included is so similar to a river scene in my city here in Canada.

  2. Your quadrille has a buoyant feeling, Merril, a lightness of step, in the company of just your shadow and in the absence of other creatures. I love that wondering and the little bit of (possibly) hidden activity in the line ‘to soar, slither, or leap’, unseen but known.

    • Thank you, Kim. It was good to finally have some time and a reasonably nice day to take a walk. I’ve sometimes seen hawks, vultures, deer and other creatures there, but I only saw geese, and even they weren’t very active. 🙂

  3. I like what you were able to compose in your head as you were present in pretty scenery, Merril. I enjoyed playful tone and your imagination used by incorporating movement (“soar, slither or leap”) as well as the company you keep (your shadow!) 😄

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