Postscript, in which I continue to procrastinate, avoiding the work I should be doing in order to comment on the mistakes with my previous post

So, first I published my musings without a title

then I forgot to erase my random thoughts–

the scribbles on the metaphorical napkin–

the unpremeditated words,

that come flying from my mind,

aimless, falling like autumn leaves. . .

and now you see that first process

before other ideas came to me—

while I brushed first my teeth

and then my cat’s

(because good dental hygiene is important

but doesn’t require much brain power).

So, I’ll just leave that post up as a monument

to first and second thoughts,

and perhaps a third,

even as I took a breath,

I somehow forgot to breathe.

In today’s Monday Morning Musings there is a gap between “the real post” and the first scribbled thoughts that I forgot to delete. Now you see how I work.  🙂 I did correct the title, but I didn’t scroll down far enough to notice that gibberish. And I also misspelled “breathe.” Also, the WP Gremlins seem to be active today, so who knows what may happen to this post. BEWARE!  NOW, I’m getting back to work. Really. In just a few minutes. . .

Most of Rina Bannerjee’s artwork has very long titles.



26 thoughts on “Postscript, in which I continue to procrastinate, avoiding the work I should be doing in order to comment on the mistakes with my previous post

  1. I, for one, am happy you buggered up this morning. It is great to see how you work, with our without a title – wait, you had a title. Oh, I see, you mean in the url… I’ve done that!
    As for the procrastinating, that is EXACTLY what I am doing, as we speak, which I really can’t afford to because the house is a mess and I have a visitor tomorrow, maybe THE one who falls in love with the house and makes an offer?
    As for long titles – I love it. I think you’ve given Rina a run for her money 😉

    • Yeah, I posted it first without a title, then updated it with the title. I did just write about 2,000 words of a book chapter that should have been finished by now, but still isn’t quite–so back to work. I didn’t make it to the gym, and I don’t know if I’ll get a walk in either. . .Sigh. But I will feel SO good when I finish this chapter. 🙂

  2. One of those days but turning out well it seems. I enjoyed this poem and look forward to reading your main post in my next period of reading/procrastination 😉

  3. I’ve done that so often (not that any would know as I fix that right quick! Or as soon as I see it 😏
    Oooohhhh a book chapter! Get to work!
    Work harder at the gym next time! I’m promising myself a walk later. Though the world is ice…

  4. Regarding your random thoughts, I decoded them:

    Stopping These Storms

    Exploring the night, she sings of summer,
    while the wind urges elaborate dreams,
    in an embrace as timeless as the ocean.

    Letting it be less with resistance
    never imagined, the perfume of need
    and want melting disguises well her healed heart.

  5. How about a vacation date … after the big project is done. You have had your nose toe the grind-stone for such a long time.

    I don’t know how you do it all: projects, poetry, posting here. Don’t worry about the mistakes. I’ve made some whoppers. Besides, I’m told writers’ showing vulnerability is an endearing trait. Go with that! 🙂

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