Monday Morning Musings:

“In a poem, one line may hide another line,

As at a crossing, one train may hide another train.”

–From Kenneth Koch (1925-2002), “One Train May Hide Another”

Full poem here

“Two girls discover

the secret of life

in a sudden line of


From Denise Levertov (1923-1997), “The Secret”

Full poem here.


Ask if–

and in the language of cool whispers

she sings,

urging us

to what we want—

to soar

Everything is connected. . .


The days are cold, then warm,

next comes a storm

of snow, ice, rain,

till the sun shines again

as off to Florida he goes

no emergency, everybody knows

is this the beginning or the end—

only time will tell, my friend


if the country lives through this mess

this miasma of awfulness

and where will we go from here–

everything connected, but not so clear


why birds appear, everywhere

on the water, and in the clouds

I laugh aloud to see them there

and sigh to catch one unaware


of how his beauty brightens my day

the dreariness, the gloom, held at bay

one tree branch may hide another—

and behind that, some other–


a bit of beauty, once unseen

now there it is, what does it mean?

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”

I wonder–is it something in-between


the lines of time, of place

the love that flutters in the space

between two lines—

sometimes it shines


in words, in deeds, or touches in time

OK, so, I didn’t make him a Valentine–

but I prepared some fondue

and we enjoyed it—well, wouldn’t you?–

along with the dipping and drinking

wine, and laughing

just enjoying without asking

as stomachs swelling, sinking


with all that bread and cheese

(just a bit more, please)

then chocolate to follow–

and if I walk with a bit of a waddle


well, more to love,

just give me a shove,

and next day to the gym

I’ll go for me, and not for him


We walk through the city

cold, but in sunshine, pretty

we watch a movie about art

and connection, in nature, and the part


between humans in ways known and not

perhaps the person you meet, was someone caught

somehow in your life, the whys unknown, and the when

as rain falls, to nourish fields, then evaporates again


part of a cycle, through history and time–

love and hate, poverty, wars, crime–

and how we express these things in art,

how do we share our passion and heart?


The movie is about art and history,

of the artist, and the mystery

of inspiration and creation,

and of repression and degradation


of people by those who are supposed to serve,

but instead they swerve

to serve hate with cool efficiency–

its own mental deficiency


as I see it, but not the one they wished to eliminate

with a path that looked so pat and straight

sterilization and cremation,

all to build their master race and nation.


And yet, art remains,

strains our brains

unchains with its power

though they censor and glower


at artists who speak the truth

and don’t look away, (not just the youth)

or any gender or race, but there is a trace

in all of us, a creative spark, a grace–


well, that is what I think about,

perhaps a shout out

to how we’re connected through the ages

In different paths, and through different stages,

but for now—I’ll stop and drink some wine

pretend or find that all is fine,

connect the dots, from below to above

with my musing thoughts to ask if. . .love


I wasn’t certain how to begin this Monday musing, so I went to the Oracle, who gave me the opening—which fit so well– of course–and another connection.


We saw the movie, Never Look Away. I love that my husband, whose birthday is today, will readily go with me to see a three-hour German movie. (Dale may be the only other person I know who might see it), but we both really liked it. And it honestly did not seem that long. It’s about an artist, Kurt Barnert, based, perhaps loosely, on the life of German artist Gerhard Richter. Barnert grows up during the rise of the Nazis and WWII and then lives in East Germany. When he is a child, his beautiful and beloved aunt Elisabeth tells him to “never look away.” Through her, he is connected to art, history, and to choices— both random and those he makes in his own life. Trailer here.

We also went to a wine and chocolate tasting event at William Heritage Winery. I appear to have really enjoyed that wine. 🙂



















32 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Ah! I thought so! When you started with ‘Ask if’ I knew who was nudging you. The drifting rhyme scheme (don’t know if that’s what it’s called but it suits it) gives this such a light, floaty, stream of consciousness feel. I prefer it to the stricter rhyme pattern. Like to see you enjoying yourselves too 🙂

  2. As always, just beautiful. We have cardinals visiting this winter too–I love that photo. And of course, the Oracle always lights the way. We have to keep questioning, looking, working together to right the sinking ship. (K)

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband! I love how your musing takes you from all the chaos and disruption going on thanks to you-know-who, to eating fondue and going to the gym for you (not him), summing up with the movie and never looking away. Connections, indeed, as I read this and recognized similar thoughts and actions (to the gym!). The photo of the cardinal in the tree: my mother loves the sight of cardinals on snow, but seeing one on a bare tree would make her smile too (as it did me).

    • Thank you very much, Marie. It seemed like so much happened in the past week–I couldn’t even keep my days straight. I took that photo of the cardinal from my kitchen window, and I’m surprised that it came out. 🙂

  4. Lovely musings Merril thank you! ‘Serve and swerve’ – I love how you do that – it’s always so interesting how words are like swords sometimes 🙂 Happy Birthday to your husband no doubt he’s in for many treats! Never look away – wise words indeed!

  5. Random thoughts:
    …Your cloud photo looks like a bird on the wing.
    …Cardinals in the winter can be so stunning, whether against a backdrop of snow or as a burst of color in a monochrome jumble of branches. Nice catch.
    …I love the tree arbor partition.
    An observation on the weather:
    …Where I am now, I find the summers to be fairly predictable – mostly dry and hot – while winters are wholly unpredictable, and imagine that is the case in many places.

    • I thought the cloud looked like a bird, too! I’m glad you saw that!
      Thank you re the cardinal photo. It was a lucky shot through the kitchen window. 🙂
      I think our summers are also unpredictable sometimes. Usually there are a lot of hot and humid days, but also lots of variation.

  6. Happy birthday to your partner in all things! (And funny, I saw the trailer for that movie and said to myself.. wonder if Merril has seen it yet? And why is it not playing anywhere near me? Not even my cool theatre that plays all sorts of different movies… sigh…)
    Lovely weekly recap as per!
    That blue is fabulous! And cardinals are always such a welcome site in winter!

  7. A belated Happy Birthday to your husband. Love your musings, as always. And, as always, they are so full of life and everything, swinging back and forth between the terrible (current events) and the beautiful.

    The movie sounds really good. I’ve saved it on Netflix for when it becomes available.

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