Champagne Clouds and Joy



Champagne clouds celebrate

on blue, asking for magic,


flying here and there,

the ghosts of a wild universe,


wake angel voices—

this ferocious velvet joy


dances in fire,

always and after


Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 10.43.46 AM

It’s a busy weekend, but I made a quick visit to the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. It’s cloudy here with rain in the forecast for later, but to her, a day is probably a blink. (Does she blink?)

14 thoughts on “Champagne Clouds and Joy

  1. A storm and cold front came through this morning while I was sitting on our loveseat, my back to the window. In a matter of seconds our house went from sunlit to twilight. It felt a little ominous (and exciting) to hear the wind pick up and see the clouds drop their shade. A bit of rain and now it’s just a little overcast. Perhaps I should visit the Oracle and see if I can get a different forecast 😉

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