A Wish

Monday Morning Musings:

“None of us can change the things we’ve done. But we can all change what we do next.”

— Col. Frederick Lucius Johnson (Chad L. Coleman), The Expanse, Season 1: Critical Mass


A celebration not for leaders alive or dead

(and certainly not for one who hasn’t led)

a birthday lunch on Presidents’ Day

where it was light inside, though outside grey,

a changeable week of sun, rain, clouds, and snow

February going fast and slow

confusing my mind and making me too tired

to do what’s required—but in bursts, I am inspired

to work, to create, to navigate

through life—though nothing is straight

as we contemplate past, future, and our fate,

we watch sci-fi and hope there’s more


that people heed, not ignore, the ocean,

with its glorious waves and motion.

Here and now, the constant wars, the hate–

I wonder if it’s all too late–


but still, we live and love–and cook,

even as we ponder roads we took,

and where they’ve led us, where we are

still above, there, the moon, the morning star


So, I bake–homage to heritage, his and mine,

birthday treats–food and life intertwine

memories from childhood, I think his cookies bring,

but mine have chocolate, cinnamon, scents that sing

to me in sensory bliss of crunch, scent, taste

that also trace a path from past—and thicker waist—

but celebrations make us feel good, or so they should,

a time to laugh, love, and remember the good.


Here’s our family in the car again

remembering journeys of long ago, the rain

tapping on windows and misting about us

as we bring up song snippets to discuss–


“Remember that one?” someone queries.

and we’re off discussing songs, or TV series

the things they watched when they were young,

the things they said, the words that were sung


by all of us in house and car

as we traveled to places both near and far

the games we played, before tablets or phone–

a different world, and a different tone.


Over the Cool Bridge (in the rain), to grandmother’s house we go.


And now we gather on a February day

when we can be together, if only a short stay

to catch up with one another, share some time

over pizza and cake—this time, no wine.


We watch a movie about forgery

a desperate woman, unhappy, too, we see

the movie is also about creation

and discrimination


the AIDS crisis and writers’ lives–

as it takes money and time to visit archives—

something I’ve done first hand,

and the rush of finding something grand.


But it’s fine, and we’re okay,

here and now on this windy day,

as moon sets and sun rises,

I’m ready for the day’s surprises


wondering what fortune brings–

and hoping that without strings

good things come to us all

without deceit, without a wall


or barriers to conquer or climb–

a gift of peace within our time.

And so, a birthday wish for those I love,

the song of the moon, the shimmer of stars above.



Our older daughter is visiting us, so we got together for an extended family February birthday celebration–something we haven’t done in a few years. My husband and I are caught up in the sci-fi series The Expanse. It’s on Amazon Prime now. We had seen the first two seasons before, but it’s complicated, so we’re re-watching them. It’s an excellent series. Catching up on movies–we watched Can you Ever Forgive Me? last night. Wonderful performance by Melissa McCarthy and the rest of the cast.















39 thoughts on “A Wish

  1. Our weekend was a catch-up weekend too, two daughters, one son and one partner-almost-son. The rhymes give this a lovely meandering flow (as usual) and you remind me that once again I didn’t think to take any pictures.

  2. You always give a thoughtful start to my week, with connections everywhere (and moons and stars too). Always so much warmth in your family gatherings–a necessity to get through these draggy February days…I’m feeling that too, no energy at all. But March awaits! (K)

  3. What a wonderful recap of your week.
    I have to say, I was shocked to see Melissa McCarthy nominated for a movie I had not even heard about! Bloody hell…Looking forward to seeing it.
    It was fun to watch the awards had have seen a good 6-7 of the movies nominated 😉 Some, thanks to your suggestions!

    • Thank you very much, Dale!
      She finally got to do a serious role, and she was very good. I wouldn’t say the movie was best picture, but I didn’t think Green Book was either. I’m still catching up on some of the popular movies–though I saw all but Shoplifters in the Foreign Films category. 🙂

  4. Your poem is comforting and hopeful, twining family, celebrations, weather, and politics. I sense movement with this poem, like we’re on a car trip, traveling over rolling hills. Odd, but it could also be the floaters in my eyes 😉 I love the photos of food, family and your lovely house. So inviting!

  5. So wonderful to have extra time with company and family, with catching up, memories and laughter! Wonderful summary with serious mixed with fun as life is quite a balance of those among other emotions, Merril. I heard rhymes, too! 😄 🤗

  6. Oh, pure joy, pure joy. Birthday greetings and thank you so much for letting us be a part of the radiance you all give out. Always enchanted. And Melissa rocked the roll! But Olivia Colman’s acceptance speech alone was worthy of another Oscar. Also loved her in The Favourite! Here’s to more shimmering stars above us and around us.

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