Born in Blue


Franz Marc, “Rehe im Walde (II)” Wikipedia Commons


Born in blue,

after eternity,


the slow magic of stars–

windows to the universe.


Ask it

with breath from flowered mornings.



here is your heart,


the sky, all poetry

and laughing words,



embracing you.


Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 8.35.51 AM

My weekly consult with the Oracle. She sees into my soul.


24 thoughts on “Born in Blue

  1. β€œthe sky, all poetry / and laughing words,” makes me think of how dramatic and mesmerizing (at least for me) big skies can be. A couple of summers ago I was driving with my husband, south on I25 from Trinidad, CO, to Santa Fe, NM. It was mid-morning and the sky was amazing. Off to the distant left there were storm clouds, to the right fluffy cumulus (?) clouds. Definitely poetry in that sky and possibly some laughter. Because I’m trying to limit my time online, I bought a magnetic poetry kit. Now I have to figure out if I should just grab a few tiles and toss them like dice, see what turns up, or what … I don’t know πŸ€”

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