The Sojourners


Carl Locher, “Fishing Cutters in the Moonlit Night,” [Public Domain] Wikipedia

Guided by the glittery night,

the sojourners flee,

sailing by starlight,

looking for their destiny.


The sojourners flee

north, south, east, or west–

looking for their destiny,

which constellation offers rest–


north, south, east, or west?

Which the most auspicious sky?

Which constellation offers rest.

Which offers them a why?


Which the most auspicious sky,

a harbinger of hope?

Which offers them a why?

(Their fate spins in a horoscope.)


A harbinger of hope–

and so, off they go–

which offers them a whyโ€”

visions on an epic scope.


And so, off they go

sailing by starlight,

carried by the currentโ€™s flow,

guided by the glittery night.


Here is another pantoum, the dVerse form of the month. This is for Anmol’s prompt on geography.










52 thoughts on “The Sojourners

  1. This form of the pantoum, though I’m not familiar with it, works well for this prompt. I like the longer form, with more complex refrains.

    • Thank you, Glenn. I’m pleased you think this works.
      It’s pretty much how I’ve written previous pantoums. Maybe it’s a little bit longer? I had to keep writing until I could get the beginning lines to work again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. “Which the most auspicious sky,/a harbinger of hope?/Which offers them a why?”: These questions resonated with me particularly.
    I love how the repetitions work so well in this theme as the journey and the search continues. It’s comforting to know that there is a glittery night to guide us, be it in any cardinal direction. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love to read about leaving the known, trusting to the current or tide, and the mystery and hope of voyaging into the unknown.. so I really enjoyed this! I’m curious whether the picture inspired your poem or whether you wrote the poem and found the perfect picture? Either way, I love that picture – so peaceful, and I feel like the sojourners are on their way to something far better than whatever it is they’re fleeing from. Thank you!

  4. That’s a very graceful pantoum, Merril. I love the idea of being offered a “why” – and the starting of a journey. The pantoum itself flows beautifully, doesn’t seem forced in any way. (That’s the highest praise I can give a pantoum, btw!)

  5. Your pantoum had me anxious for the fleeing sojourners, Merril, and the repetition really drives home the fact that humankind is at the mercy of the heavens, especially without a compass point to aim for. I love the aside: โ€˜(Their fate spins in a horoscope.)โ€™ and the way you play with the rhymes โ€˜hopeโ€™ and scopeโ€™.

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