Shades of Blue

I seldom reblog, but really, this is worth it. All the feelings!

Exploring Colour

Blue is commonly associated with sadness yet I’ve noticed that many bloggers will respond to a photo of beautiful blue flowers by enthusiastically proclaiming that blue is their favourite colour!

Here is a stunning watercolour painting of blue irises recently posted on her blog by Jodi McKinney and used here with Jodi’s permission. Aren’t they beautiful? And note the first three lines of her post quoted below…

jodi_blue-irises-watercolor Blue Irises Watercolor 11×14

Watercolor Blues.

I had the watercolor “blues” this past weekend.

Not the sad blues, but the HAPPY French Ultramarine and Cerulean and Cobalt Teal blues with a punch of Crimson and Quinacridone Gold for more fun!

From:   Watercolor Blues   by Jodi McKinney of   The Creative Life In Between

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” – Robert Frost

Quote shared with me by Ellen (“Gem”) in comments on a blog-post.

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20 thoughts on “Shades of Blue

  1. Blue is supposed to be the #1 favorite color. I think blue can be beautiful, but I am NOT fond of blue for decor for myself and neither is the gardener. We like warm colors. Have you read Bluets?

    • It’s funny that that’s what you focused on. I thought you’d comment on the adoption stories.
      I don’t have as decided opinions as you and the gardener. Our color schemes have sort of evolved, but it’s turned out that the downstairs of our house is all warm colors–yellows and red walls, and the bedrooms are all different shades of blue. The bathroom in between has black, grey, blue, and yellow. 🙂

      • It’s easier for me to focus on light stuff right now. I am very over-exhausted from company for so many months–one group after another. FIVE more days. Then nobody is allowed over here for awhile. Your house sounds pretty. Yes, you don’t have specific colors. Color is super important to me. I write about it quite often. My favorite color is coral. I usually decorate public rooms in some shades of red, green, yellow. Like burgundy, sage, and gold. Rose, celery, beige. That sort of thing. Also, both the gardener and I LOVE to decorate.

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