Suns and Moons Arise



Suns and moons arise,

glorious their guise

gleams bright.

Peace hums from the skies,

a reprising breeze,

I write–

hear the river’s sighs,

song of dove that flies


somewhere, some far place

beyond outer space

so strange,

planets live star-traced,

knowing peace and grace


glorious their guise

suns and moons arise.


For the next month, the lai is the poetry form at dVerse. Grace has provided a primer, which includes the format for both the lai and the lai noveau. This is a lai nouveau.










53 thoughts on “Suns and Moons Arise

  1. Hi, Merril,

    I was stymied in posting a comment on the blue iris post. It always asks me to sign in, and even after I do, it won’t accept the post. Oh, well.

    Here’s what I wanted to post: I, too, love the iris painting, Merril. I’ve started doing watercolors and I aspire to do something as beautiful as this. The poem also touched close to my heart. My sister gave a daughter up for adoption and only recently reconnected with her. It’s been a blessing for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope all is well in your world. We’re delighted to have spring at last.

    Best, Carol


    • Hi Carol. I’m glad you found that post of others’ poems and stories moving and enjoyed Jodie’s painting. I didn’t get the painting gene that seems to be in my family.
      Recently, I’ve sometimes had a problem commenting on other people’s post, with a message to sign in, even when I am signed in. Usually, if I reload the page, then it’s fine. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you’re seeing signs of spring in your part of the world.

  2. I love that you keep introducing me to new styles of poetry. I find myself looking up the type to understand what it is that you are doing. Fascinating. Way outta my league, but fascinating nonetheless (as was the discussion between you and Jane).

    I still enjoyed this 😉

    • I took this from a larger piece that I did a while ago, so I didn’t feel constrained by the rhyme, but perhaps the short line lengths? The consensus seems to be this would be a better poem without the constraints. 🙂

  3. I think this form has a swirling rhythm, which kind of reverses itself. I like your poem, but I agree there are some beautiful lines that would be even more beautiful without the constraints–“planets live star-traced”–I especially like that. I tried a lai with the Oracle today. It will take some practice. (K)

  4. I love the wonder expressed in your lai, Merril, and the circularity, with ‘suns and moons arise’ at the beginning and the end – of a day or the world,

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