All the Whys of Sun and Storm




and all abed

as sea rips and storms,


sprays purple mist

in elaborate show.


You watch as the sky blows black,

soars, then whispers of dreams.


You sit as one pole shines pink, red,

and peachβ€”


singing, if. . .


urging you with sweet-wind tongues

through shadows


you recall–

honeyed light and the whys of after

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 11.51.27 AM

I had time for a quick consult with the Oracle. Of course, she knew of the storms and tornado warnings yesterday and the bright sunshine today.

26 thoughts on “All the Whys of Sun and Storm

  1. Yes, she did know you were in for a storm. I hope it was only coloured lights and honeyed dreams.
    You had ‘all abed’, I got ‘who’s up?’ She keeps track of us even when we’re supposed to be sleeping!

  2. Since I experienced the same weather as you, I read this poem and said: yes! you have perfectly described it, and given it a shape. Different from the one I would have (wind and tornado threats terrify me, I went into the basement yesterday) and so I see it a different way. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Claudia. I was in the basement the other morning when we got the alert, but yesterday, I was just anxious all afternoon and evening till the warning was over. πŸ™‚ These were the words from the Oracle, my own would have shown more anxiety.

      • I grew up in TN and tornadoes were fairly common; in junior high several parts of our town were destroyed when one touched down, including houses down the street from us. My sister and I still both run for the basement no matter what the time of day when we hear alerts or just feel unsafe.

  3. the whys of after…that release of tension. She knows the before and the during too.
    We had a huge storm as well, but we didn’t get that beautiful sky! (K)

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