Picnics at the Lake, NaPoWriMo

So many picnic dinners at the lake. We are all younger and thinner. I wear my hair in braids; my skin is smooth and summer-brown. Summers seem full of warm promises—and gentle breezes carry magic. A butterfly perches on the flowered center of my purple bathing suit. I watch her in delight, though I can’t understand her whispered secrets. Still, I keep them.


Rose petals turn brown,

traces of perfume lingers–

ghosts drift from the past


Day 30, the last day of NaPoWriMo! We’re asked to write a minimalist poem–so the haiku here. I’m also linking this to Haibun Monday on dVerse, where Gina has asked us to write about picnics.





42 thoughts on “Picnics at the Lake, NaPoWriMo

  1. Stored in the attic of our brains are the special butterfly moments, and simple pleasures. I enjoyed your shared memories.

  2. i like that you write about the after feelings of a picnic, the recapturing of the day’s events, not just the excited preparation, the warmth of the day still on your skin and the secrets, oh that had my heart go….soft and mushy. i can imagine you, a little younger but with an old soul and keen eyes. such an exquisite haibun Merril

  3. Thank you for sharing your happy memories of the picnic specially the butterfly and photos too. Looking forward to the summer warmth.

  4. I love Derrick’s response! Summers were a big deal with my family in upstate New York because they were so short 🙂 I love your reflection on that time. Even as a kid, I used to love how my skin smelled after I’d been out all day in the sun. An aunt and uncle had a summer camp we’d visit and go swimming in the lake. We’d swim out to the pontoon and then sit and wait for our skin to dry before jumping back in. Just a simple thing but we got such pleasure out of it.

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