Make Way for Goslings

Golden goslings scuttle in a line

mother’s wings point, they align,

hustling to the river.


Father hisses at the stranger

–any possible source of danger—

parents are the givers


protecting their young

with honks, squawks, or tongue,

till from the river


fledglings fly away—

in time, somewhere, someday


Lillian is hosting Open Link Night at dVerse. This is a quickly written poem inspired by a walk I took this afternoon at the park by the river. I hope it’s not too treacly, but the baby geese were so cute, and I was fascinated by the family drama. I watched the goose I’m calling the mother shoo the babies towards the river. The father then hissed at one who was off exploring on the sidewalk to get with the others (you can see there are three on the grass, but four in line). The father then hissed at the other goose standing on the sidewalk, as the little ones went under the fence, and their mother then limboed under it, too. The father stood guard until they were all in the water.


60 thoughts on “Make Way for Goslings

  1. Oh you’ve painted the scene so well with your words. I often walk along the Charles River which is just a few blocks away. During the right season, there are so many goslings and oh yes, those parents watch you as you walk by on the sidewalk and I swear, if you look at them for too long, never mind approach them, they seem to rise up extra tall and stick out their chests and honk or spit at you! It’s the rising up in indignation that you are near their little ones that really makes me chuckle. But if it gets to their honking and spitting, I move along pretty quickly!

    • Thank you very much, Lillian. And you have the Make Way for Ducklings statue, too, in Boston. This park is always full of geese–as is most everywhere around here–but I’ve seldom seen little babies like these. It seemed like the goose felt more threatened by the other adult goose than by me.

    • Thank you, Glenn. I liked seeing how these geese watched over their babies.
      I wasn’t aware I was doing a form, but I’m glad it worked! I will have to see if I can find out what it was. 🙂

  2. Oh, I was so excited when I saw goslings a few weeks ago by a pond near my office! They are so cute and it was nice to see the two adults standing guard over them. About a week later I came upon them again, snapped a few pictures. It didn’t get into one of my photos, but Father Goose (I assume it was Father because the other adult goose seemed more interested in grazing) actually cocked his head at one point as if he were trying to figure out what I was 🙂 Your poem so well describes their behavior.

  3. This was wonderful Merril. Loved the mother pointing the yungins’ into formation. I was charged by an angry Canadian Goose on a golf course one time – and one time was well enough. Vicious!

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