In a Dream I Found you


Odilon Redon, “Béatrice”

“All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.”

–Edgar Allan Poe, “A Dream Within a Dream”


In a dream, I found you

there, not as I knew you,

but aglow,


your spirit gilding your face,

and through the mist,

you reached, took my hand,


and gazed at me with sea-green eyes

and led me to a sailing raft

and there reclined with me.


Then, under blossoming clouds–

scarlet, gold, and sapphire–

we sailed into the infinite,


a thousand tomorrows waited.

But I awoke,

my face salty only with tears


and longed to sleep

and dream again and again

and forever of you.



Odilon Redon, “Flower Clouds”


Lillian has asked us to write a poem about dreams at dVerse today.  I think I probably write about dreams often, but these two paintings popped into my head. Can you have an ekphrastic poem based on two sources?



49 thoughts on “In a Dream I Found you

  1. This is absolutely lovely.
    “your spirit gilding your face,” and this line shines, literally.
    There is such a pleasure you evoke with your words here, in this lovely dream…and yet there is a sadness at the end, eyes wet with tears. It makes me think of my dear dear friend who just before Christmas, lost her husband of 49 years….he slipped away after slowly having his heart deteriorate. And through it all, she was with him and he was at home with her. Surely she dreams of him….and awakens with eyes wet from tears.
    This is quite beautiful….I am truly taken with it.

  2. this poem made me yearn for that very same dream to come again – I cannot describe how beautiful it is worded and paced, so glad I came to read it today Merril.

  3. Love this one … especially the verse (those sea-green eyes!) but also both images are delightfully dream-like … as within a dream anything can happen, within dream imagery anything can combine with anything else …

  4. Wow! Merrill, a dreamy surreal feel to your post; that heavenly state of dreamland and the pain of reality! The poem is exquisite and moving and the paintings are stunning! A beautiful and thoughtful start to my day! 😀

  5. You paint that real difference between waking and sleeping and the quality and nature of dreams and their pull. Not as I knew you is a wonderful line that underpins my understanding of this.

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