I hear gorgeous music

in this sky of purple-pink–

it whispers a symphony of when

and if


and after


I go,

the sea will still sing

of blue moons

and coming storms


screaming in silver spray–


while beneath,

shadows swim

in the cool grey water

together, soaring,




to taste the wind

on their tongues

and feel the light of distant stars

shimmering through the mist of time.


My Saturday morning collaboration with the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. This started as a puente, but then it kept going. Sometimes the Oracle has more to say.


42 thoughts on “Surfacing

  1. Strange! A phrase jumped out at me ‘tasting the wind on their tongues’ and I left it because it didn’t seem to fit with what went before. Now I know why—it was your phrase!
    Yes, seas, coming storms, but the stars still shine. Lovely!
    (I’ll post my second one now).

  2. This is beautiful Merril. I haven’t done one of those magnetic poems in forever. This reminds of how much fun they can be😊. Especially now that we are locked in😊.


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