Half-Revealed and Half-Concealed


A whole world in a puddle.


Monday Morning Musings:

“For words, like Nature, half reveal

And half conceal the Soul within.”

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, “In Memoriam A. H. H. OBIIT MDCCCXXXIII: 5”


“Now it was only the rivers

that spoke of the rivers,

and only the wind that spoke of its bees,


while the unpausing factual buds of the fruit trees

continued to move toward their fruit.”

–Jane Hirshfield, “On the Fifth Day” 


How will we remember these days

of grief and sorrow for our world–

the facts of buds on trees

and rivers that keep on flowing

concealing and revealing what lies beneath


in the upside-down world

where we gaze at transitory beauty

and fall, topsy-turvy

into its depths

as spring dances, mercurial,



swiftly fleeting,

yet heralding—the facts—

yellow-green wisps turn darker

the world gets hotter,

and trees reach up


to light,

and down to darkness



thoughts glimmer


like tears

until they drop

salty pearls

leaving an alluvial trail

fertile with memories


and I think of this–and time

as I listen to words,

singularity, time and space,

the black hole left

in an absence


even as we remember

the time before we are born

when my mother meets my father

and holds my older brother on her lap.

And she is young, old, older, gone. . .


. . .and here.


On Friday night, we visited with our daughters via Zoom. This Friday Shabbat dinner has become a new ritual. We ate soup and rolls, the gift of friends, sustaining us from a distance. I baked the cookies we call Mommy Cookies because they are my favorite. My mom loved them, too, and I used to bring her some.

I watched most of “The Universe in Verse,” which was live-streamed on Saturday just before we had our own family Zoom memorial session for my mother. It was a somewhat surreal experience marked by technical problems, non-sequiturs, and some memories of my mom that we shared.

We weren’t the only ones with technical difficulties. I tried to watch the Sonheim’s 90th birthday celebration last night, but I gave up. Apparently, it did go on, over an hour later that the scheduled 8 PM start.

We finished watched Giri/Haji (Duty/Shame) on Netflix, which I highly recommend if you want something unique. I really liked it.  It’s a Japanese-British production that is difficult to describe. A Japanese detective is looking for his criminal brother in England. The detective’s daughter joins them. It is a crime show and a family drama. There is romance, and action scenes, and there are other characters who become important and endearing. I wasn’t sure about it after the first episode, but I really did get caught up in this show.






44 thoughts on “Half-Revealed and Half-Concealed

  1. Powerful prose – love the way the photos flowed with the words – condolences for the passing of your mother
    – and thanks for the tip on the show to check out. Sounds good

  2. Thank you for the Monday Musings, your title revealing the ambivalence of your life today and our lives collectively. I never thought you looked much like your mother. Now I realize you have her smile!

    I feel ambivalent about Zoom, though it provides me with 3 connections: Pilates, writers’ group and Pre-school teachers. Like others, I’ll join in with “Take care of yourself,” which I think you are doing as much as possible these days. ((( )))

    • Thank you, Marian. I’m not sure I see the smile, but it seems like everyone in my family at times looks like someone else and at other times does not. More ambivalence, perhaps. 😏
      I suppose like any other social platform, Zoom has its place. I enjoy our Friday night dinners, but our memorial was. . .hmmm. . .weird. I can’t imagine trying to do a Pilates class via Zoom.

  3. Always a beautiful read. Within the dreariness we are all living (and some, like you, even more so) we do have nature to turn to which continues to do her thing. Thank goodness for that.
    Lotsa love sent your way… xoxo

  4. Your photos are breathtaking.
    I too have an evening ritual with my daughters. I wonder if it will stay when the virus leaves.
    I’m glad that, despite technical difficulties, your family was able to connect to honor your mother.
    In a way everything now feels like a rehearsal. (K)

    • Thank you very much, Kerfe.
      I’m glad you have an evening ritual with your daughters. I hope it does last.
      I’m not sure that we honored my mother–it was like one of those very strange family holidays dinners–perhaps that is an honor in itself in a strange way.

  5. Half revealed…half concealed. Yes. Well said. A commentary on these days.
    Thank you for the tip on the Netflix series – we are always looking for a new one.
    Your grief touches many lives who seek to comfort you, but words actually fail. Know that your friends in cyberspace are thinking of you and your family.

  6. So lovely, these lines especially: salty pearls

    leaving an alluvial trail

    fertile with memories
    I love this “trend” of reflections in your photos, so thought-provoking and beautiful. Stay well ❤

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