Welcome Merril Smith #wouldyourather

Jill Weatherholt invited me to play “Would you rather?” Stop by to see my answers!

Jill Weatherholt

Today I’m happy to welcome friend, poet, author and blogger Merril Smith. For several years, Merril and I have followed many of the same blogs. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. Since she’s the first poet to play along, I was excited to read her answers. Thanks for playing, Merril!

Thank you very much, Jill, for inviting me to play “Would you rather?” I always read these posts with great enthusiasm, and I’m pleased to be on this side of things today. I see the world in many shades rather than simply black and white, and as you’ll see from the way I’ve answered these five questions, I’m not good at answering survey questions because I want to add disclaimers or ask, “but what if?” to every response.

I guess I’m full of contradictions though because I’m also good at taking and writing tests.

Would you rather be able…

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18 thoughts on “Welcome Merril Smith #wouldyourather

  1. I did comment on the original post but didn’t mention the “author” pose above. Looking down does not usually make for a good head shot, but this one fits: the smile, and the allusion to how writers create, “looking down.”

    • Hahaha. Thank you. I think this was taken a couple years ago on my birthday (in December), and I’m looking down at a playbill. BTW, I don’t think my hair is ever going to look like this again!

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