Inconceivable, Unbelievable, and True

Geese in flight over the Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield

Monday Morning Musings:

“It’s just that masks are terribly comfortable — I think everyone will be wearing them in the future,”
–Westley in The Princess Bride

Inconceivable and unbelievable
the world has become

plague-filled and fire-flashed
now, ashes fill the sky,

and sudden storms come surging,
while people plead, urging

the powers-that-be to see
what is and to agree

on what is needed. More than hope
and prayers, some care

must be taken if we’re to survive,
herd immunity and hive minds–

we seek solutions from concepts of animals and nature—but
I watch them, charmed,

admiring even the funny walks of birds,
a turkey, like a little dinosaur, and somewhat absurd,

yet most protect their young—and some
mate for life. Perhaps we should look to wildlife

for a portrait of true love. Difficult to see now
in this time of masks and isolation,

the frustration of privation and desolation,
the death of loved ones, the vexation over celebrations

that shouldn’t be, until we’re vaccinated or virus-free–
When will that be?

I sigh and bake, take long walks,
rake my fingers through my greying hair–

there, in front of me, a family of deer,
all clear, I think, as they dart across the street—

leaving me to admire their spirit and grace,
a trace of wonder stays within

to ease the stress of every single day.
I stand by the riverside watch a heron, stay

longer than I planned—but these moments of water and sky
and watching the birds spread wings and fly

it’s something I do, observe the colors of river and sand–
this I understand,

time flows at different speeds and rates,
fast in a dream, slow when we wait,

but either way, we’re specks
in a vast array. Time may be infinite, or

perhaps it loops, swooping future into past
or giving us another chance

Geese and Clouds, Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield.

to seek true love, or defy death with sweetened pill,
better than nevermore, is maybe it will.

A very late MMM because I’m trying to finish some work. And, I’ll be back in just a bit because I’m hosting dVerse today.

Sunrise over the Delaware River, West Deptford, NJ.

This past week was strange, the weather shifting from humid summer to clear autumn. Friday, as you all know, was the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack. It was a gloomy day, but the next day was bright, beautiful, gorgeous, which I will hope is an omen. I’ve been seeing a heron almost every morning at the river at the battlefield park. We watched The Princess Bride on Saturday night in preparation for the livestream reading with much of the original cast that took place last night. It was a fundraiser for Wisconsin Democrats in support of Joe Biden. The livestream drew of 100,000 viewers, and though there were a few technical problems, it was great fun. More importantly, it might help in November. It’s inconceivable how we will survive four more years with the current resident of the White House.

Watching The Princess Bride

I’m linking this to dVerse Open Link night, where Björn was hosting our live stream open mike even.t

66 thoughts on “Inconceivable, Unbelievable, and True

  1. Always love Mondays and today did not disappoint. Beautifully done.
    It is a strange world we are experiencing right now. We fluctuate between hope and despair trying to keep the positive higher (because the alternative is never a good place to hang out in for too long)
    Have a fabulous week! Maybe see you later 😉

  2. I’m amazed by the amount of wildlife that surrounds you, Merril. I’ve never seen a turkey in the wild in the Piedmont of NC. Your photo of the sunrise over the Delaware River is gorgeous. That would make a tough jigsaw puzzle. Derek is going to want a mask like our husbands! But then again, after the Eagles loss yesterday…maybe not.

  3. Wonderful post and loved the photos! This is a crazy time! I hope after the election in November we have a new president who can help get this country back on track. 😊

  4. I adore your depth!
    I saw Rob Reiner on TV talking about this. Wow! He sure made it happen fast.
    I hope it helps, too! I can’t take 4 more years of rump, either, and I’m a Canadian.
    He has affected our country (not for the better) with his asininity.

  5. May we hope and wish that omens like the clear skies on the 12th, the herons and the beautiful reading of Princess Bride as a fundraiser all ring true to brighter (better) caring kind days ahead. With new leadership in which LOVE is not a dirty word. xo

    • Thank you so much, Björn! That’s very kind.
      Yes, I wonder, as well. I think there are so many personal changes and also so many societal changes–I can’t see it not affecting us in the future.

  6. A long and complex piece, it has parallel messages, grief over the pandemic, and how it over shadows everything, to halting and meditating, and allowing the wild ones to tutor our sorrows.

  7. So many themes here–the longing for what once was in our reality, sorrow of the circumstances, and being one with nature. Somehow, being outside can help alleviate the troubles on the inside and outside. Even if it is briefly.

    A very beautiful and solemn piece from start to finish.

  8. I very much enjoyed seeing you and hearing you today at the live reading, Merril. Hearing you talk about the heron in the photo gives the poetry that much more texture than words on a page. I like the dreamlike quality of this poem. So much in the air right now difficult to be too grounded I think.

  9. It was great to see and hear you read this poem last night, Merril, and to think that we see the same animals and birds on different sides of the planet! I hope the fires will soon die down, the virus will tire itself out, and people can start building their lives back again – the current situation is inconceivable and unbelievable! I agree that we should look to wildlife for a portrait of true love.

  10. I sigh and bake, take long walks, rake my fingers through my greying hair…

    —- Very moving and touching perspective on your processing of current events. The gorgeous photos were the perfect accompaniment.

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