Do you recall?

Shadows and reflections on an overcast morning in December. Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2020

Come, ask for color—
a fired sky, a dazzle-day,
brilliant blue and champagne-clouded

like kisses of joy

go fish for them
in the vast sea of the universe,

secret voices, lingering
in ghost-whispered rhythms

all, how, when,

and if roses recall summer–
and if you do.

Today’s message from the Oracle with a photo from this morning. It’s unseasonably warm, but it was damp and foggy earlier this morning.

28 thoughts on “Do you recall?

  1. This is a lovely breezy poem. A real outdoors by a great body of water poem, with the sky, the universe and all those vast things, and the roses to bring us back to earth.
    We both had the weather and the water, and we both had roses at the end 🙂

  2. Your photographs often evoke a much-needed sigh from my body/mind/spirit. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. I love this image from your poem in particular: “secret voices, lingering
    in ghost-whispered rhythms.” I am glad to be reminded of the lingering importance/value of our ancestors…

  3. Your photo is just what I was feeling this morning. All 3 poems are definitely points on the same line. Those voices are speaking to us all. I really feel the veil is thin right now. (K)

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