Ekphrastic Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

For Paul Brookes’ Ekphrastic Challenge, Day Twenty-Five inspired by the works below. (The link will take you to all the art and poems.)

Wondrous and Strange

where fairies dwell in
but in-between,
in that center line, humans
live with paler hues

to see vibrant shades
or beyond
space and time,
defined in narrow bands—birth
death, and then the end.

But there he
fell, and she caught him—
Fairy Queen.
“Stay,” says she, but no, he wants
home and family.

So, he runs,
bumbles, stumbles, from
the wondrous
fairy place
of green and dancing flowers,
because he senses–knows

beneath the
glow, snapping teeth snarl
and bite, and
huge monsters,
alligator crawl, slither
from swamps, over walls–

it is not
the place for humans.
Our hearts must
wake in that
center line axis of earth,
sun, moon; we need smiles

and tears to
fall, but light always
behind the
shadows tall
and looming. We’re mortal, but
love everlasting.

I thought I’d try something different today. This poem is a shadorma sequence. Kerfe’s painting made me think of pre-Raphaelite fairy tale illustrations. Work in progress. . . 😏

35 thoughts on “Ekphrastic Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

  1. Like Jane, I didn’t notice the syllables but enjoyed the flow – then, of course, I had to look up what a Shadorma was, coz I forgot 🙂
    Yes, one cannot remain in that centre place for very long. I think the time it takes to dream is long enough 🙂

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