A thousand wonder-worries cloud the night—but

play in shadows and in light,
soar in time, moon-drunk, star-dazzled,
as wind whispers to water, flow, live–

and if you dream, recall
the luscious, languid sighs
of pink-petaled branches after the storm,
and the cool-blue smell of sky and air—


in honeyed sunglow,
watching the diamond spray
of spring rain on ripening buds,


for the moment to embrace
color, to heal the world.

My poem from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. She knows spring is on its way.

49 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Oh! I agree with Andy. This was wonderful. Spring really is coming. Not that it FEELS like it here. But the sun is shining so there is that. And I saw some buds, so there is that!

  2. Beautiful Merril. So true about the light and color, even though I have yet to see any buds or anything peeking out of the ground.

    Mine is very different, but it was inspired by Sue’s first writephoto prompt. Still, it has the same hopeful spirit of spring. (K)

  3. I love how this begins with wonder-worries and resolves itself into the spring joy that will heal the world.
    We had the same message and the same images, just phrased slightly differently.

    • Dear Merril,

      I concur with Jane. Thank you for sharing the lovely painting and poetic message in your latest post with us.

      Since “spring is on its way”, please kindly let me wish you and Jane a wonderful March and a refreshing Springtime with the classic rendering of this very fine song, sung by Mandy Patinkin for the musical “South Pacific”:

      May you feel “Younger Than Springtime” throughout the new season!

      In the spirit of springtime, I would like to invite you to visit my bespoke and animated post entitled “💨 Strong Wind Knows Tough Grass 🌾 疾風知勁草”.

      Yours sincerely,

      • You are very welcome, Merril. Mandy Patinkin singing “Younger Than Springtime” from South Pacific is still the definitive version for me. For those who would like to sing over the music, here’s a version showing the lyric:

      • Dear Merril,

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        May this post bring you some unusual thoughts and inspirations. In addition, I have composed lots of short, rhyming and illustrated poems in this post, including one in the body of the post and many in my replies to my readers’ comments.

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        Happy Sunday to you!

      • Dear Merril,

        I just remember the following. Since my blog contains advanced styling and multimedia components plus animations, it is highly recommended to read my posts and pages directly in my blog so that you will be able to see and experience all of the refined and glorious details. Hence, it is prudent to refrain from viewing my blog in the WordPress Reader, which tends to ignore or strip away some styling and formatting components, and also fails to display many animations, all of which are aplenty in my posts and pages, which will look very different and even improper or amiss in the WordPress Reader.

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