First Snow

Monday Morning Musings:

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”
--Leonard Cohen, Anthem

Of spring weather with the sun low in the winter sky
It’s off-kilter, my friend remarks. Disconcerting, I say.
Like this upside-down world of lies embraced, why
I don’t know. Strength in ignorance persuades—
the authoritarian’s way.

Now first snow before daylight,
perfect white as dawn kisses night
the pristine blanket yet untouched--
unanswered questions, many and so much

hate and love. Fingers curled within a glove,
hands balled into fist. This is mine, some insist,
with mired minds and clouded brains—
perfect offerings, rotted remains

in nature cycles, vulture-fed, cycles birth, the dead
live within 
our hearts 
the bells we still can ring

sounding louder in the fog
we can’t know what the future brings,
it flows, a river carrying us and everything
and birds sing,

Bright glow in the fog
Afternoon light over the Delaware River
Bagpiper at Red Bank Battlefield
sensing the light
reflections of past, the infinite,
the now—
first snow, first light
for a moment, all is right,

ring in the new year
built on hope, wet with tears,
ring the cracked bell, toll with cheer,
the circling of our earth, and we are still here.

WordPress seems to be up to more tricks. It won’t let me copy and paste the way I usually do it. UGH!

We’ve had strangely warm weather here, along with fog and rain. This morning we’re getting snow. I’ve taken some poetic license, as it doesn’t seem to be snowing anymore, and it’s not really covering the ground. Meanwhile, COVID is still raging, and the deniers are still denying. This Thursday, January 6 will be the one-year anniversary of the attempted overthrow of the US government. Some people deny that, too, despite all the evidence, which I find truly terrifying. The celebration of ignorance, and the insistence on sharing and spreading lies is appalling.

Stepping down from my soapbox. We celebrated New Year’s Eve with Chinese food, as we’ve done for decades. Then, we had a family Zoom session, while we drank champagne. On New Year’s Day, we ate Cinnabons—another tradition.

I enjoyed a few days of not doing much, and I’m not looking forward to getting back to work today. 

We watched four new movies:
Don’t Look Up (Netflix)
The Lost Daughter (Netflix)
The Last Duel (Amazon Prime, rental)
Who You Think I Am (Amazon Prime)

My husband and I liked all of them, and they all have great acting, but we both thought The Lost Daughter was our overall “best picture” of the group. I think Olivia Coleman and Jessie Buckley are always excellent, and Jodie Comer, in the last duel, is also wonderful. 

Oh, it’s snowing again!

41 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Beautiful photos and inspiring words, Merril. Why do bagpipers often play near a body of water? This has been one of the things on my mind lately. No, I’m not kidding.

  2. I just finished a Chinese meal, and I’m craving more, thanks to you!

    By the way, despite WordPress’s tricks, I do like the old “typewriter” font style. And I love that frosty photo, maybe a begonia?

  3. Your walk graced you with some beautiful photos, Merril. I do love an early foggy morning. There’s just something about it.

    I’ve never seen a vulture on a church tower before. Seems Faulknerian. These two lines seem to have a Faulknerian feel to them, too, now that I think about it:

    “ring the cracked bell, toll with cheer,
    the circling of our earth, and we are still here.”

    • Thank you so much, Ken.
      We got a covering on the grass, and it’s cold, but sunny today. I think it will probably all melt tomorrow. Places not far from us did get a lot of snow.

  4. WordPress is so bloody annoying.
    That said, your words are far from. They are lovely and beautiful as are your images.
    Love your New Year’s tradition.
    I was planning on seeing Lost Daughter. Maybe this Friday night movie night 😉

  5. We saw Don’t Look Up a few nights ago and really enjoyed it. An indicator of a good movie for us is whether we’re still talking about it days later … and we are still talking about Don’t Look Up. I feel like they covered everything: trumpism, science denial, the superficiality and pervasiveness of social media, love, loss, forgiveness, … . It was good fun but scary too 😉

    • I agree about movies to talk about. I miss actually going out to movies because we used to go out for coffee or wine afterwards to talk about them. You’re right that Don’t Look Up was fun but scary, too.

      • Oh, yes, I have fond memories of going to the movies with a couple of friends and then we’d go for coffee and talk about the movie. But, before COVID, Greg was becoming wary of going to the movies unless he could sit in the back row. It started with the movie theater shooting in Colorado. The last few movies we’ve seen (again, before covid) were at our local iMAX. We’d go to a matinee and often would have the theater to ourselves 🙂

      • When we first moved to Tallahassee, there was an foreign/independent film theater near us. It was fun going to matinees there, but the theater started losing money as the other two movie theaters in town added more screens. Then someone stole copper wire from the roof of the theater and the owners couldn’t afford to replace it. So now when we want to see a foreign or independent film, it’s “Thank goodness for Netflix!”.

      • The theaters around here (Philadelphia and NJ) have gone through several changes, but still try to show foreign/independent films. But thank goodness for streaming–a variety of platforms to see movies.

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