A Desire for Magic

Monday Morning Musings:

“I don’t want realism. I want magic! . . .I don’t tell the truth, I tell what ought to be truth.”
Blanche , Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

Foggy winter morning. The river is completely obscured.

Fog-clad river flows,
unseen gulls laugh and call, trains
whistle lonesome morning blues,
ghost sounds from a cloud realm,
lull beak-tucked geese in fitful sleep,

and do they dream? In
bird-soul night do they recall
hopes and dreams, or seek magic
in the everyday?
Imagine river-worlds beyond this

clouded grey expanse?
Tomorrow’s sun will erase
the smudges, reveal azure—
there all along–science
of light, magic of perception

how I hear moon-song,
see time rippling like a wave
caught in glass, there a reflection
reveals what could be, or
perhaps what never was. Is this truth–

Merchants Exchange Building, Philadelphia
Carpenters’ Hall, Philadelphia

a poem of rays
that sing in distant domain,
warbled notes of space-time strike
the window, the water,
the river gulls, and streetwise squirrels,

Old City Squirrel, Philadelphia

connecting them all.
Magic and realism both,
the dance of earth, moon, sun, stars
creating life and vision
of colors, all that we can see–

and those beyond our dreams.

Walt Whitman Bridge at Sunset, taken from the car

This is a wayra chain, in case you’re wondering. 😉

We’ve had a week of cold and warm weather, fog and light. The snow has melted, though a little wintry mix fell early this morning, icing sidewalks and coating the cars. We braved the elements and Covid to go to a live theater performance on Saturday afternoon. We saw A Streetcar Named Desire at the Arden Theater in Philadelphia. They checked vaccination cards and IDs, and they required all in the audience to remain masked throughout the performance. It was fun to be out, and the story is moving, even if this was not the best production. We both thought the secondary characters were excellent, and much better than the leads. The man sitting next to my husband couldn’t hear the actors, but for some reason decided to stay for the entire performance.

Today is my daughter’s birthday. She and her now husband were in a wonderful college production of Streetcar—she was Blanche and he was Stanley. Desire struck that Streetcar. When they got married a few years later, the director of the production officiated.

Random Food Photo

Mixed- Berry Crisp for dessert last night

47 thoughts on “A Desire for Magic

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter, Merril! Thanks for sharing your lovely musings. I can relate to the cold and wet weather. I drove to work this morning in freezing rain…fun stuff. Your photos are beautiful. That blue sky is stunning!

  2. Wonderful post, Merril. LOVE that your daughter was Blanche!!! Happy birthday to her! In high school drama I was Stella and my best friend was Blanche. My favorite line was one that wasn’t even mine: “Oh, Stella for Star.” I would love to have seen your daughter in that play!

  3. I enjoyed the different perspective of your beautiful river, the icy photo in particular. Happy birthday to your daughter! I love her “Desire” story. When I was in high school, our drama teacher took us to see a live performance of “The Glass Menagerie” in Quebec. It was sheer heaven!

  4. I like the thought of your daughter and husband playing the leads in A Streetcar Named Desire. Her romance apparently has fared better than Blanche’s. Thanks too for posting the quote. I have taught this play in lit classes but don’t remember these lines. Not surprising. . . it was so long ago. Thanks, Merril.

    • Thank you so much, Dale!
      We have two plays next month, so hopefully that will work out, and maybe the weather will be a little better.
      (Huzzah is one of the words my husband likes to say. 🤣)

      • My pleasure, Merril!
        Ooh. How wonderful. I’m trying to set up a get-together with my girlfriends. At least one of them has a membership to the MMFA in Montreal, so we are aiming for that followed by a dinner…
        I just finished watching The Great. Huzzah is THE word 😉 Way to go Doug!

      • We have subscriptions for three Philadelphia theaters. . .we’ll see. 🤣
        I haven’t seen The Great. We just finished part one of the last season of Ozark though, and it was very good. 😀

      • That’s fantastic. I have one and everything officially reopened yesterday (finally – insert curse words..)
        Well. It’s very, um, different. A spoof of sorts, lots of f***ing in both words and actions. I found myself compelled to keep watching it, nevertheless. It is quite funny and I did find myself googling certain things as, according to the subtitle it is a “occasional true story”…

        I’ve been thinking about Ozark… eventually.

      • Here things haven’t been totally closed. It’s sort of weird, but I’m glad to see them check vac status to still wearing masks. Maybe things will be a bit better in March.

        I liked this last season of Ozark–well, the first half. The rest of it is coming some time later this year. We were discussing it. I think there’s more humor in the first seasons and quirkier characters. This season is more of a thriller.

      • Oh, I know. Nowhere in the US has been closed up like us. We do have to show our vaxx passports – everywhere, now. Not just restaurants but places like Costco or the liquor store, etc. I’m perfectly fine with tht.

        That’s what I heard. I will surely watch it eventually.

      • Things were shut up around here in the first wave–even the parks. In Philadelphia, you have to show vaccination cards to get into theaters, restaurants, etc., but not in NJ. So, if you do go into a restaurant here, you could be with un-vaxxed people.

      • Oh yes, I know in the beginning you couldn’t even buy booze in PA.. Seriously! But it’s crazy how from one region to another it’s so different. They are getting very antsy here and starting to get more than frustrated with our government as the trucker standoff shows. Not fun.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter. This made me laugh: “Desire struck that Streetcar.” So perfect 🙂 Lovely musings and photos as always. We had a few foggy mornings which I enjoyed. The fog muffled the sounds of interstate and highway traffic so I could focus more on bird song.

    • Thank you! The sparks were definitely there between them, even when she was telling me they were just friends. 😏
      Interesting point about the muffled sound. It’s weird when I’m at the river, and I can’t see planes, but I can hear them.

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