When or Ever

John Constable, Stormy Sea, Brighton

When or Ever

My dreams were moon-whispered songs–
if rain came, it touched with gentle fingers
and breathed honey-sweet breath on roses,
their luscious scent awakened with the sun.

But now–
storm winds beat with nightmare wings, and the seas
send lathered purple tongues to lick the rocks,
leaving bitterness to cling to them
like an ache

we feel
death come, an ever-expandable ship
sailing to the after–

and thousands of mothers cry whyโ€”
for what, and when
can never ever give you what you want?

My poem from the Oracle. As always, she knows what’s going on.

30 thoughts on “When or Ever

  1. The Oracle’s messages are always the same these days. She knows that we still haven’t understood.
    I’ll try to keep up with your posts. With only the select few to read, I should manage ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish it was possible to pick and choose with comments, but they’re either off or on for everybody, I can’t have a guest list.

  2. The Oracle definitely knows and you play with her in a most evocative way. This was so sensuous, I could feel the light rain, the sun; then the storm. Why indeed…

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