Low Tide at Pourville, by Claude Monet


never-static particles stream
in space-time light to earth-sea,
crushed shells rise as limestone cliffs,

like bones–
dinosaur, fish, and we
fertilize the flowers–
with blood and ash,
the red and white,

of chalk dust
in the sunlight,
sparkling like tiny stars
flying home.

For today’s dVerse, I combined quadrille prompts. Today’s word is “static,” and the previous quadrille that I missed was, “chalk.” A quadrille is a dVerse term for a poem of exactly 44 words.

57 thoughts on “Scattered

  1. I agree with Lillian, how ironic the way you’ve created a beautiful life cycle full of images and movement, still incorporating ‘static’. This is wonderful.

  2. Well you did introduce us to a “never static” scene and your words rang true.
    Happy Monday


  3. Adore the way you make the chalk dust sparkle! Thank you!

    OH, btw, I watched & listened to the video of all the poets reading that was hosted by Liz. I adored everyone, and all of the poetry. You were/are my favourite.

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