Another Poem about Vultures

Another Poem About Vultures

and how they sky-dance
carrying light on their wings
to banish grey clouds, drawing brilliant-blue
curtains for their cotillion.

I wonder if they dream,
and what their dreams would be—
and if they’d want to know
how their ballet dazzles,
lifts heart-joy in me.

A quadrille for dVerse using the prompt word “wing.” A couple times last week, I watched vultures flying above me, and weirdly perhaps, it really did brighten my mood.

I’m finishing a project, but I will catch up on posts and comments later today!


39 thoughts on “Another Poem about Vultures

  1. This poem is beautifully written! I love birds, and they all have their place in the sky. To watch a bird in flight is very much like a magical dance. I often watch the hawks and it is captivating indeed. There is just the blue sky and the dance…

  2. A new image of vultures, usually used in literature to symbolize death and devouring of flesh (literally and figuratively). You’ve given me pause, here, Merril, as they sky dance. On the other hand, last week we saw some devouring a dead squirrel squished on the road. Yuck. (Sorry, not so poetic.)

  3. Merril, I always wonder if animals dream. I like to think they do. Sometimes I watch Jeep sleep, and her little paws are twitching. I think she is dreaming she’s catching a mouse.

    Adore your Vultures poem!

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