Star and Moon Sky: NaPoWriMo




Do you remember? We watched the clouds fly across that June sky,

wondering about our lives, watching that black-blue sky.


It was long ago, we were full of life, in blazing afternoon sky,

and two hearts keeping time, beating under the moon, June sky.


We pledged our love before our family and friends, a noon, June sky,

Settling-in to life together, playful, joyous, a spoon and swoon sky.


We grew older, not necessarily wiser, encountering an out-of-tune sky,

yet I’d not change it, not at all, not even for a jewel-strewn sky


The jewels are here and there, you see, felt and heard in the moon-croon sky,

the moments, still, we gaze and share. (Do you remember? )There, that star and moon sky.


This is a ghazal for today’s (Day 13) NaPoWriMo.   I can’t get the formatting right, but they are couplets with some long lines. 🙂










Under the Moon: NaPoWriMo



Under the moon, I sat bereft,

we’d talked of life and love together,

you took my hand before you left,

gave to me a downy feather,

it once lay close to a beating heart,

I touched it softly, that snowy white,

flexible, but strong, sharp like a dart,

I wonder if the owl once loved–before he took flight—

does his mate cry for him now, in the loneliness of night?



This is for Day 9 of NaPoWriMo. The prompt was to write some sort of nine verse poem. This is my attempt at a Spenserian Stanza.