Dream Sailing

Odilon Redon “Flower Clouds”

We sail our sloop
in the after-blue, where
flower fish explore eternity–

the night sea with its cloud-eyes
open to our wild ride
through sacred and secret.

We are surrounded by dazzle,
by fire, by radiant light
embracing us in its rhythm–

not all is broken, I think,
as we drift home
in the blush of morning

hearing joy and laughter
as the birds sing to our star.

The Oracle gave me this poem bright and early this morning—before the sun was up—along with this image in my head. She’s a big fan of Redon’s work. Some people like to see a bit of the process–so here’s a screen shot of the words I used.

Tomorrow, I will be joining other poets in reading our poems at a live event for the Anthropocene Hymnal edited by Ingrid Wilson. You can find out more here. It’s 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Songs of Earth and Moon

Far away, storms eat winds and send them swirling–
but here, now, the sky is gowned in midnight blue
and a peach moon shines over sleeping gardens.
The fiddler plays a soft lullaby
recalling dreams of aching beauty–
and if I don’t understand them all,
I recognize the song of whisperings seas,
and the beat of heron wings, the language of seasons,
of hope and despair, and I smile at the dawning light.

Heron, Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield.©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

The Magnetic Poetry Oracle gave me a poem today that I think goes with Ingrid Wilson’s publication, The Anthropocene Hymnal. It’s available now. Read her post here for information. All money earned from it goes to the World Wildlife Fund.
I have one poem in the volume, and the beautiful cover is by Kerfe Roig.

The July full moon is called the Buck Moon, but I think it should be a peach moon. I was hoping to see it early this morning, but it was already too low in the sky. I did see Jupiter though–and
I saw this heron today and wondered if it was “my” heron from last summer.