Almost and Being So

Monday Morning Musings:

Almost and Being So

“An answer is invariably the parent of a great family of new questions.”

“The truest reason for anything’s being so is that it is.”
–John Steinbeck, The Log from the Sea of Cortez (quoted here)

November passes in brilliant color
and black and white
in clouds that gather in ominous grey,
then glow as if to say, stay

for this is the call of ancient light
without, within,
despite hateful lies and
the punch-drunk, punchline, punching sting
of voters’ votes and natures’ flinging
rain and fog and morning moons
that sail through blue
to you–

and you shiver in the cold
and delight in the sun—
ignore alarms, embrace the charm
and glory of an eagle swooping by
and vultures dancing in the sky—

Vultures, Eagle, and Turkeys

you wonder about the almosts—and fate—
questions without answers, and answers that can wait

as you tread, momentarily awake,
through leaves of brown and red.
crunching dead, but hearing life
in squirrel rustle and birdsong,
the existence of because it is.

I used some of Jane’s Random Words for my poem.

On Saturday, we had planned to go into Philadelphia to visit the art museum and see a show. Unfortunately, our car hit a rock or piece of concrete on the road. It ruined our transmission, but my husband managed to get the car off the highway to a side street. We are fine, and things could have been much worse.

Theater, Movies, TV:

On Sunday, we took my husband’s car to the train station, and went to see a different play at a different theater. The Lantern Theater Company’s production of The Royale. I was not particularly excited to see this play, which I thought would be only about boxing and boxers. I have zero interest in boxing and no desire to see men hit each other. However, this play, inspired by the life of Jack Johnson, the first Black heavyweight champion of the world, was about racism, Jim Crow, and family dynamics. The acting was powerful, and the staging and choreography were outstanding. I’m still thinking about it.

We watched Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix), a totally delightful movie with a message about female empowerment. I think this second one was better than the first one.

We also watch the new show, Inside Man (Netflix). It’s only 4 episodes. Stanley Tucci as a murderer on death row who solves cases, and David Tennant as a vicar in England. Their lives become entwined. There are other fine actors involved, too. A bingeable show.

We started the new Interview with a Vampire (AMC). Two episodes in, and it’s very good. Much better than the movie was. It’s a new present-day (re)interview, and Louis is a gay Black man/vampire.

Pre-theater Walk in Philadelphia: