Reflections in Icy Blue

“Floating Seaweed” by Fay Collins

Blue all around, as sky bends
to kiss the water–
there is this—and us,

sleek-bodied and finned-footed, with whiskered face, I
taste air-sea, swept by Arctic winds, tern-carried,
mint-crisp, and briny-salted,

But–there is here–
at world’s end and world’s beginning,

turning each to each, endless
as gulls fly across the sun
a bobbing line, waving in reflection,

at the surface of blue-on-blue,
our faces meet, our bodies touch
glowing in the light from above and below.

Good morning! I’m sneaking this in amidst the cooking and cleaning. It’s Thanksgiving morning, and unlike last year, we will actually have people here in our house. We’re all vaccinated, some of us have had boosters, and we’re all taking Covid rapid tests, too. I suppose this is the new normal. Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends, and Happy Thursday to all!

For dVerse ,where Sarah has asked us to write revisit her very first dVerse prompt, which was to write an ekphrastic poem based on the art of Fay Collins. Sadly, Fay died in September, but Sarah writes, “Please write your poems with joy – Fay’s art is so full of joy.”