What Then?



Above the Clouds at Sunrise, Frederic Church


Some days are like a drunk goddess

in delirious abandon


toppled her glass,

sending red and pink streams


to drift like rose petals amidst

brilliant blues and greens–


until the clouds gather in grey-browed fury

and the sea roars,


~what then,~


sings the universe,

what comes next?


What will your ferocious heart



as time dances

through if and when–


will you remember the slow smile of twilight,

the kiss of flower-perfumed air?


My message from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. She likes to mix some humor in her warnings.

Looking Out the Window


Frederic Edwin Church, “Beacon off Mount Desert Island”


Looking Out the Window


Red sky

dawns blush-tipped,

a warning to sailors–

yet I delight in night’s demise,

day breaks.


I’m combining prompts: a Crapsey Cinquain for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday prompt

and a seeing red poem for Sarah’s dVerse prompt.

It’s also the start of NaPoWriMo, but I’ll see if I can do something else for that.

Dawn Ascends

Dawn ascends in rosy drapery

Each pleat of her gown a different shade,

Fuchsia to pale pink, daily refashioning her fashion, she

Gathers the glimmering fabric about her, then soars

Higher and higher. Now the robin trills her entrance–and

I gaze out the window, dreaming of what the day will bring.



Frederic Edwin Church, “Beacon, off Mount Desert Island,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

No beautiful sunrise here today. It’s still cloudy and misty.

This poem is for dVerse. Lillian has asked us to write an Alphabet Sestet. We are to pick any six-letter sequence from the alphabet. I chose D E F G H I.