Woodland Magic: Haibun, NaPoWriMo, Day 17

In my childhood memories, when my grandpop visits, it is always a golden-glowing, long spring day with an azure sky dotted with drifting marshmallow clouds. When I am perhaps four or five, he takes me and my younger sister on a walk through a wooded area in Philadelphia. We stop to eat a snack. My grandpop shows us how to rinse our hands in a spring that flows between some rocks and rub them together until they dry. It does not take long on this pleasant day, but I think it is an amazing trick to dry our hands this way. Suddenly, three horses with riders materialize on the trail and gallop past us. The horses are huge—or so they seem to me–and it happens so quickly that it is almost like a dream, a magical moment in the woods. The magic of the woods stays. All these years later, my grandpop, the horses, and the wondrous spring live on, a warm spot in my heart.


light lingers, pauses

capturing spring memories—

nimbus of white blooms

Henry Ward Ranger, “Spring Woods,” [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons









I am taking care of three prompts with this Haibun:

The prompt for Day 17 of NaPoWriMo is to write about a family anecdote. This is simply a memory I have, but close enough.

Victoria, who is retiring from hosting duty for dVerse asks us to write about lingering day for Haibun Monday.

And Frank’s Haikai Challenge, asks us to use the prompt warm.

Worlds and Colors


Franz Marc [Public domain],”The Little Blue Horses,”via Wikimedia Commons


Reflecting the sky,

manes and tails



Four legs gallop, then rest

sides heaving,



mothers and foals nuzzle,

in sheltered



safe from Earth’s war and bombs

far travels



and time, final frontiers,

journeys of



under the sky’s two suns,

peaceful world



This is a tilus series in response to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge. The prompt was the above painting by Franz Marc.

A tilus is composed of 10 syllables altogether: 6 for the first line, 3 for the second, and 1 for the third. I found this form very difficult to write. I’ve put together a series to tell a story because I really wondered about those blue horses, and I couldn’t tell their story in 10 syllables.