A Morning Walk: The Ducks

A quack and a dash,
a soar, and a splash

off with a quiver
into the river–

only the ripples remain.
Each different, multi-planed,

dappled shadows, growing bright
everything changes in the light,

once from stars, then into the sea–
all connected –ducks, ripples, sky, me.

For dVerse Open Link Night, where Lisa is hosting. She shared a wonderful duck video on the prompt page, which made me think of the ducks I see at the park where I walk. The next OLN will be on June 24, and it will be LIVE at 3:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time. As with all dVerse prompts, anyone can join in. Then dVerse will take a two-week vacation.

Breathe In, Blue Fire–dVerse Open Link Night Live

Linda is hosting the Live Open Link Night for dVerse today. I’m sharing this poem that I wrote in December. It’s a poem inspired by the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. I don’t think too many people here have read it because it was posted on December 26. I missed Sarah’s Poetics prompt this week to write a poem of blue, but it appears that I’ve written many poems about blue!

The Question

Mortal, we
free-fall in life-aches’
whispered, whys.
Dark matter
attracted, but questioning
the spin, the drop–still

not immortal, but
swallowed stars
coursing through our veins, scattered
light diffused, always

there waiting,
the flame, unknown or
a beacon
within brain, heart, skin–or soul-
dimmed till it’s released.

In a dream,
a blue river shines,
calling me,
and I wake
with the vision remaining.
I send it soaring.

And does it
live on in space-time?
Not human,
not mortal,
but eternally, star-sparked–
circling forever.

Cloud Reflections on the Delaware River at West Deptford, NJ ©️Merril D. Smith 2020

A shadorma sequence for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, where I chose the theme, “Immortality.” I’m also sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night, which is live tonight! I really did wake from a dream of a blue river

The Escape

Today the peacocks ran away–

waiting till the rain had ceased

and the sun released

from clouded sky.

They gazed

up at a rainbow,


a sign to fly.

Ostentation at the brink

of an avian adventure,

they wandered

up the road

to somewhere new,

beyond the zoo.


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I read today that four peacocks wandered away from the Philadelphia Zoo. Apparently, they do this sometimes, but they decided to explore the Schuylkill Expressway, and now one has been found dead.

A group of peacocks is sometimes called an ostentation.

I’ve used Secret Keeper’s Challenge Words: BRINK | WALK | GAZE | SKY | ROAD

And linked this to dVerse’s Open Link Night.