The Light of Someday


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Cry, it is

the light leaving. You

sleep to the

rails’ rhythm

singing lonesome blues. You hear,

you’ll never return.



But maybe

you will, someday, healed

of what was–

after trails,

sea, stars share their magic, heart-

haunted you’ll live on.


This is a shadorma sequence for Colleen’s Photo Challenge, and also for Open Link Night at dVerse, where Linda is hosting. This is my first post with the new editor. So, I hope it all worked out. 





Image Credit: © Sally Cronin


“We all were sea-swallow’d, though some cast again,

And by that destiny to perform an act

Whereof what’s past is prologue,”

–William Shakespeare, The Tempest




the tide brings treasures

lost at sea,

and found–

we begin again


find magic

in ordinary things,

discover beauty

and hold life in woven strands–

fated patterns of past and future.


A gogyohka sequence for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday—photo prompt using the photo above by Sally Cronin, and also linking this to dVerse Open Link Night.










Moon-glow Memories

Image Credit: © Ritu Bhathal


Welcome home

the glow said to me–

weary from

work and time

dragging me down. But light

keeps shadows at bay–


memories, they stay,

in moonlit places–

yet faces,

dark creatures

still slither into my dreams–

till dawn, and I’m free—


moon-glow memories

dance the way we did



we moved, kissed, together said

words of love, now gone.


A shadorma sequence for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, using Ritu  Bhathal’s photo prompt.